Arjuna Ratha

Arjuna Ratha, Mahabalipuram

A part of the Panch rathas, located on the same platform as the Draupadi ratha, Arjuna Ratha is the chariot of the most important Pandava brother, Arjuna. It is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘group of monuments’ in Mahabalipuram.

The chariot has sculpted pilasters, and tiny roof shrines. The dome is small and octagonal in shape, just like temples in South India. In the center, there is a sculpture of Lord Shiva, with his legs crossed and leaning on a huge Nandi bull, his vehicle, which is stands behind. The outer walls of Arjuna Ratha has sculptures of other gods.

Belonging to the reign of King Narasimhavarman I of the Pallava dynasty, this is a monolithic stone-cut monument, which is placed on the on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu. It is a wonderful specimen of early Dravidian architecture.

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