Tourism in Coimbatore

One of the most important cities of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore lies at the foothills of the Nilgiri Hills and is one of the most influential cities of Tamil Nadu. One of the most important cites of Tamil Nadu, a tour to Coimbatore is a definite requirement if you are planning a trip to Tamil Nadu.


Once, an important part of the Vijayanagar Kingdom, the beautiful city of Coimbatore has always been regarded as one of the most important influences in the political as well as economic affairs of Tamil Nadu. It was around the city of Coimbatore that a number of principalities were later set up which contributed to the territorial expansion of Tamil Nadu.

Fairs & Festivals of Coimbatore

Starting on Mahashivaratri, the day observed for worshipping Lord Shiva, the Natyanjali Festival is celebrated anytime during the months of February to March. Celebrated for 5 days, this is one of the most important festivals of Coimbatore, more so because it is celebrated in honor of the presiding deity of the city, Lord Shiva. Besides these, the other festivals are Brahmotsavam, Ani Thirumanjanam, Thai Poosam, and Arudra Dharshan.

Best Time to Visit Coimbatore

Pleasant throughout the year, the climate of Coimbatore hardly ever poses a problem to tourists to the city. The summers are hot with the average temperatures going up to 39°C, while the minimum temperature in summer is around 21°C. Winters are hardly different with the temperature remaining between 15- 30°C. The best time to visit Coimbatore is definitely between December and March.

How to Reach Coimbatore

By Air


Possessing its own domestic airport, Coimbatore can also be reached via the airport at Chennai which also handles international traffic.

By Train


Coimbatore has two Railway Junctions, which are Coimbatore Junction and Coimbatore North Railway Station. Both these junctions are a boon to tourists which make the journey to Coimbatore extremely convenient.

By Road


Coimbatore is well-connected to a number of neighboring cities via an efficient network of roads. These cities include Bangalore, Chennai, Ernakulam, Kottayam, Pondicherry, Rameshwaram and Thiruvananthapuram.

Tourist Attractions in Coimbatore

  • VOC Park and Zoo (Amusement Park): A zoo that has a bit of everything, the VOC Park and Zoo is definitely one of the must-visits while on a trip to Coimbatore.
  • Agriculture University: One of the best universities of Asia, the Agriculture University is also home to the to a 300 acres Botanical Garden.
  • Perur Temple: One of the most revered temples of Southern India, the Perur Temple is one of the seven Kongu Sivalayams.
  • Marudhamalai temple: Dedicated to Lord Subramanya, the Marudhamalai temple is one of the most respected temples of Coimbatore and legend claims that this holy site was often the ground where a number of miracles took place.
  • Forest College: Though primarily a college which enjoys the prestigious distinction of being one of the oldest educational institutes of India, the Forest College is definitely one of the must-visits while on a tour to Coimbatore.

Places Around Coimbatore

The important places of tourist interest located around Coimbatore are :

  • Vaitheeswaran Koil: Located around 24 kms away from Coimbatore, this place is home to a famous Shiva temple dedicated to Vaidyanatheswarar, the healer of all diseases, and his consort Thaiyalnayaki.
  • Poompuhar: Located around 40 kms away from Coimbatore, Poompuhar is a small city which is also home to a spectacular art gallery.

Sightseeing & Things To Do in Coimbatore

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