Best Backwaters Destinations In Kerala

Kerala’s popularity as a tourist destination can be attributed to various factors – a wonderful tropical climate, Ayurveda, wildlife, forts, and most of all, backwaters. Flanked by palm trees whose reflections form a perfect image on the clear waters, they present a spectacular sight. The best way of exploring the backwaters however, is on a […]

Where to go for Jungle Safari in India

Behind the thick bamboo bushes lurks the ferocious tiger, waiting patiently for its prey. The meditative trance of the skies above is disturbed occasionally by the screeching of an eagle. Somewhere, in the distance, a herd of deer visits the local water hole to quench their thirst, even as the sly crocodile remains lifeless, waiting […]

10 Amazing Things To Do In Goa This Year

Goa is the ultimate holiday destination in India. When in love, in need of adventure, excitement or escaping your lives, it’s Goa where you should be. The favorite haunt of travelers in India, the smallest state in the country is blessed with a vast, kind of extensive and inexhaustible delights. From the golden shores, watersports, […]