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Witnessing the surreal beauty of the Taj Mahal during sunrise, savoring lip-smacking breakfast in Delhi and marveling at the blushing Jaipur! Well, that’s Golden Triangle for you in a nutshell. For those wondering about the best time to visit India Golden Triangle, the answer is quite simple – any time of the year.

India boasts of four seasons – summer, monsoon, winter and spring. Although there is no fixed time to visit, but usually because of pleasant weather from October to March, tourists prefer it the most. However, all the seasons hold something special for the guests paying a visit to the vibrant nation. Here’s a brief about each of them.

India experience summer from April to June. The sun shines brightly over a large part of the country. Nevertheless, it is the ideal season for India Golden Triangle Tour & tiger safari. While on your Agra and Jaipur tour, travel a few miles extra and explore Jim Corbett National Park or Ranthambore. Tiger spotting is comparatively easy from April- May when the exotic faunal species come out in search of water. Keeping in mind the scorching heat, do step out only if you’re ready to get a nice tan.

The sunbaked land gets a heavenly respite soon after the raindrops fall on it. The fragrance of the wet soil, eye-soothing greenery all around and rivers and waterfalls flowing with full might cast a spell. Monsoon season in India indeed imbues a new life. Starting from the end of June and lasting till September, the season is perfect to plan a Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur. Owing to a surfeit of attractions, Udaipur is one of the best places in India to experience the magic of rain.

Next comes the peak season in India. Starting in October, the season lasts through March. All these months unarguably mark the best time of year to visit India Golden Triangle. To begin with, October brings with it a multitude of reasons to cherish. Although festivals in India are celebrated throughout the year but it is this month that officially sets the festive mode ON!

Come November and India invites you to make the most of your holidays. Indeed the best time to go to India Golden Triangle, the month allows you to experience the traditions and cultures of the country like never before. Diwali celebrations in Delhi, elephant and camel rides in Jaipur and boating in Agra with the Taj Mahal in the backdrop makes your trip unforgettable.

What’s better than bidding adieu to the year by cherishing an experience of a lifetime? December is that time of the year when you look back at all the wonderful things happened to you. So, how about taking time travel in history as well. All the mesmerizing attractions in the three iconic cities look prettiest during December. Thus, it is the best time to visit Delhi Agra Jaipur to embark on a heritage tour.

Talking about January, the month celebrates the beginning of New Year. Wake up to the foggy mornings in Delhi. Soak in the charm of Fatehpur Sikri, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Agra. In addition, partake in festivities of the Republic Day parade and Jaipur Literature Festival and Delhi and Jaipur respectively. With so much going all around you, don’t you think January is the best time to visit India's Golden Triangle?

In February, India gets adorned with beautiful flowers. To marvel them at their best, there is no place better than the Mughal Gardens in Delhi. Another reason to consider February as the best time to travel to India’s Golden Triangle is to celebrate your love by attending the Taj Mahotsav. Pacifying your adrenaline rush by trying something exhilarating in the ‘Pink City’ is an added plus. Furthermore, planning your dream date on Valentine’s Day at these three iconic cities is not a bad idea at all.

Drumroll please! As we are entering in March, the zeal for celebrating the festivals of colors reaches the next level. Ever heard of Holi in Mathura, Vrindavan or Pushkar? Although the entire country gets smeared in different colors, it is these three places that surpass others by offering unmissable experience. No wonder that March is the best time of year to visit Golden Triangle India. Obviously, when you have traveled to Agra, there is no loss in covering an extra mile to reach Mathura. In addition, Delhi and Jaipur also welcome you to be a part of the fiesta with the same dedication.

Having learned so much, hope you got your answer to the question when is the best time to visit India Golden Triangle? Choose any season or any month, India will help you curate memories that you will love to cherish forever. Visit the country once and it will a long lasting impression on you! Even years later, you will still remember that sunrise over one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You will still share stories of amusing rides in Jaipur. The shouts and aromas of Chandni Chowk will still urge you to visit again!  Explore best customized  packages for Golden Triangle Tours India.

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