River rafting in Coorg

River rafting in Coorg

Referred to as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg is famous for its aromatic coffee plantations and mist-clad mountains. Not many known that this hill town of Karnataka also offers opportunity for adventure activities, amid its serene surroundings. River rafting in Coorg is one of the most popular activities. Because of its rugged terrain, and abundant rainfall, the rivers in Coorg have challenging grades, ranging from I to V.

Rafting on River Barapole

Rafting in Barapole River in southern part of Coorg is one of the most challenging rafting experiences in South India. The raft just covers a distance of around 3-4 km but on this stretch the rapids are of grade 4-5. Rafting is done anytime between 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Generally this session of river rafting continues till around 3 hours, making it necessary to attend a training session. During the session, information about the equipment of rafting is given and the rafters are taught the right way to paddle along with making them familiarize with safety as well as rescue techniques. A mock practice of each rafter going on the raft and later others saving him is also done so that everyone is in a state of saving the other if the need be.

Once the training session is over, wear your helmet and life jacket, settle in the raft, hold your oars properly and get all set to handles tough rapids such as Big Bang, Morning Coffee, Ramba Samba, Wicked Witch, and Grasshopper. This rafting is ideal for expert rafters.

Important Prerequisites

Age for rafting: 14 to 60 years

Required Weight: Below 110 kg

Rafting at Dubare

Elephant camp is an added bonus while rafting at Dubare in River Cauvery where its gushs widely through thick jungles. As per the water levels. River rafting options here are divided into two distances- a run of 8.5 km, and a run of 12 km. Rafting in Cauvery is not as challenging as rafting in Barapole.

The rapids on this stretch are of grades I or II and is perfect for rafters who are beginners. One can treat his eyes to the surrounding scenery and spot wildlife species while the raft is safely cruising on the placid waters.

There is no necessary training session at Dubare. The rafters are just familiarized with the basic rulers before hitting the waters.

Types and best time for rafting in Coorg

White Water Rafting- This kind of rafting takes place at the time heavy monsoon and the preceding months, when the river water is in full and quick flow. 15th July to 30th September.

Still Water Rafting- This kind of rafting takes place before the start of the rains or after the monsoon season In Coorg, when the river water is placid. Before the monsoon or 30th September to 15th July .

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