Tourism in Raichur

Raichur is the capital of Raichur district in Karnataka, and a place of significant historical importance. The town of Raichur is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River.


Positioned in the north-western part of Karnataka, Raichur is 409 km away from Bangalore.

Raichur, being part of various empires, such as the Mauryas, Chalukyas, Bahmanis, Vijayanagara and the Mughals, bears the legacy of a rich history over the centuries.

Fairs & Festivals of Raichur

  • Raichur Zilla Rangotsava: This 8-day cultural gala on drama, art exhibition and symposium is organized by the Karnataka Nataka Academy.
  • Karahunnime: On the eve of the kharif season, this 3-day cultural festival marks the celebration of Karahunnime.

Best Time to Visit Raichur

For a Tour to Raichur, the best time to visit is between the months of October and March.

How to Reach Raichur

By Air


The nearest airport is the Hyderabad Airport (151 km).

By Train


The Raichur Railway Station is an important station on the Guntakal- Gulbarga railway line.

By Road


Raichur is well-connected by a network of roads to important cities in India and within the state. Buses are readily available from Raichur Bus Station.

Tourist Attractions in Raichur

Make your Tour to Raichur memorable by visiting these famous tourist places near Raichur :

  • Raichur Fort: Raichur is famous for this impressive fort, built in 1294 AD. The stone inscriptions found here are in Persian and Arabic language which belonged to the bastion of the fort. Several tanks and old temples lie among the ruins.
  • Ek Minar ki Masjid: Built in Persian architecture style, this mosque comprises of a two-storied 20m high minaret. There is a winding staircase leading to the top, from where you can enjoy a captivating view of the town.
  • Jami Masjid: One of the most beautiful and biggest mosques, this awesome edifice has two entrances and six gigantic pillars. Near the Jami Masjid you can see a cemetery belonging to the Adil Shahi dynasty, and remains of an ancient palace and a fort.

Places around Raichur

Explore the land of Raichur, visiting the places around it, while on a Tour to Raichur :

  • Anegundi: Situated 135 km from Raichur, Anegundi has some majestic temples from the Vijayanagar era, especially the Ranganatha Temple and the Huchchappayana Matha. Also worth a visit are the Pampa Sarovara, the Kamal Mahal and Nava Brindavana, housing the mortal remnants of eminent saints.
  • Bellary: Located 145 km from Raichur, Bellary is renowned for the World Heritage Site Hampi, the Mallara temple, and the annual festival at Mallara.

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