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Tour to Vellore

Facts And Figures

  • Area: 4,314.29 Sq Kms
  • Languages spoken: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada & Urudu
  • STD Code: 0416

Tour to Vellore Located around 140 kms away from Chennai is one of the most important districts of Tamil Nadu, Vellore. Lying on the banks of the Palar River, Vellore has earned a place for herself in India’s list of prestigious medical centers. However, the tourist attractions of Vellore too are extremely important which makes a tour to Vellore a must-include if you are planning a trip to Tamil Nadu.

Best Time To Visit

A typically tropical climate, the summer temperatures of Vellore are extremely high. The best time to visit the region is thus between the months of October to March.


The district of Vellore has always played a very important role in determining the history and politics of Tamil Nadu. Often regarded as one of the most important centers of power of various rulers like the Cholas and the Pallavas, Vellore has always been one of the most important preservers of the Dravidian culture. Vellore also enjoys an additional historical importance as the Vellore Fort was one of the most significant centers of the Sepoy Revolution of 1806 which is generally considered to be the precursor of the Great Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

Tourist Attractions

The major tourist attractions of a tour to Vellore include:

  • Vellore Fort
  • One of the oldest forts of India, the Vellore Fort has always played a pivotal role in determining the politics of not just Tamil Nadu but that of the entirety of India.

  • Vellore Prison
  • Set in 1803, this prison is an important landmark in the history of not just Vellore but that of entire India. A number of Indian luminaries like Thiru. Rajaji, Thiru C.N. Annadurai, Thiru. K. Kamaraj, as well as former presidents of India such as Thiru. V. V. Giri, Thiru and R. Venkataraman have served their prison terms here.

  • Other places of tourist in Vellore include the
    • Kavalur Observatory
    • Yelagiri Hills
    • Amirthi Zoological Park

Places Around Vellore

The important places of tourist interest located around Vellore are:

  • Vellamalai
  • Located around 18 kms away from Vellore is the beautiful temple of Vellamalai, dedicated to Lord Muruga, or Kartikkaya, the son of Lord Shiva.

Fairs And Festivals

The festivals of Vellore are varied and add an extra spark of life to the town’s daily lives. The most important festival among these is defiantly Pongal, which is celebrated during the month of January.

How to reach
  • By Air
  • The nearest airport to Vellore is at Chennai, about 140 kms away from the main city of Vellore.

  • By Rail
  • Vellore is well-connected to a number of cities by an efficient system of railways. The main railway station for reaching Vellore is at Katpadi, located around 6 kms north of Vellore.

  • By Road
  • Vellore is well-connected to a number of neighboring cities by an efficient network of roads. The roads are motor-able and have the added benefits of an efficient network of transportation.

Where To Stay

Vellore is home to a number of hotels and resorts, all of which are fully equipped to provide warmth and hospitality to all the guests to the city. These include several hotels pertaining to the economy and choice of numerous people on a tour to Vellore.

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