Jain Temple

Jain Temple in Chennai

The Jain Temple in Chennai is contrary to all other temples built in South.Most of the temples in south are built with rocks where as the Jain Temple has been built with the lime-and-soapstone and marble, which has given it a sparkling appearance. This is a significant temple among the modern style of architecture. The temple also includes some beautiful sculptures of Lord Mahavira, other tirinthkaras and Lord Shantinath to whom the temple is dedicated.

History of Jainism

The founder of Jain sect lord Mahavira was born at Trishila in Bihar. At the age of 30 he left the materialistic life and became a Jain monk. He attained "Kaval Gyan" at the age of 42, which means "omniscience". He was a preacher of non-violence. There are three main principles of Jainism popularly known as "teentatavas" which includes Heya (imbibe), Gyeya (comprehend, and Upadeya (seek). The teachings of Jainism stated that we should always do well for others and control sin. They should not have any attachment to the materialistic world. Jainism also says that in order to attain moksha (salvation) one should follow the path of Nirjara or freedom from sin.

The temple is open to all, but only those who bathe in the temple premises may enter the sanctum.

It is located in the center of a park and the entrance is extremely attractive. The beautiful arch is in the shape of twin converging elephant tusks. The tomb of Dr. C.N. Annadurai is flanked by imposing memorial pillar and eternal flame. People of Tamil Nadu affectionately called him 'Anna' meaning the elder brother. Today Anna Square is a scared place for the people of Tamil Nadu.

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