Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort

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Counted amongst the largest fortifications on this planet, Jaislamer fort is the true pride of the the Rajput legacy which once governed Jaisalmer. It was the time of 1156 AD, when this majestic fort came in to existence and that too under the reign of a Rajput ruler.

This world heritage site boasts of huge yellow sandstone walls, owing to which, it is also known as Golden fort (Sonar Quila). Highly reminiscent of the Arabian night fables, the imposing fort stands mighty high right in the middle of the Thar, overlooking the whole city. Such a majestic stance makes it the most prominent tourist attraction in Jaisalmer.


Built in the second half of twelfth century, when Jaisalmer was under the rule of the Rajputs, the fort caught the eyes of many rulers prevailing in the other parts of India. This included the Islamic ruler, Ala-ud-din Khilji, who in a battle to win the fort and the city, got a hold of it in the 13th century.

Nearly about 2 centuries later, Mughal emperor Humayun decided to start his quest to win the fort. Owing to his success in his efforts, the fort remained the property of the Mughals till 1762. Later on, it got transferred to ruler Maharwal Mulraj.


The majestic Jaisalmer fort stands strong on a hill platform that raises till a height of 250 ft. With a dimension of 460 m length and 230 m breadth, the fort within its boundaries seem to overshadow the whole of the city.

Jaisalmer fort sports a terrific blend of Islamic and Rajput style of architecture. In order to get inside to this massive structure, one can make use of the following entrances:

  • Ganesh Pol
  • Hawa Pol
  • Rang Pol
  • Jawahar Pol

On the inside, Jaisalmer fort flaunts numerous structures that were built at regular intervals of time. These are stated as the Laxminath temple, the Raj Mahal (Royal Palace) and the Merchant Havelis

Amongst them the most fascinating are the havelis. Designed in ornated sandstone carvings, these havelis or large residences were built by rich merchants of Rajasthan. These houses flaunt an architectural design that flaunts decorated archways, exquisitely carved windows, balconies and countless rooms. Some of these havelis have been turned into modern museums, while some are still the residences of their builders.

How To Reach Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer city in the south-western part of Rajasthan resides in the heart of the Thar Desert and is well accessible from various parts of the state and the country. Following are the means to reach Jaisalmer

By Air: Jaisalmer do not have a commercial airport, only a military airport that allows only chartered flights. Thus, one can rely on Jodhpur domestic airport for this, which is the closest and is well connected with the major cities of India.  

By Rail: However, Jaisalmer do have a well-established network of railway system that covers most of the prominent Indian cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur. Regular trains that run to and fro here are the Howrah Jaisalmer Express, Lalgarh Jaisalmer Special and Delhi Jaisalmer Express.

Br Road: Road travelers can make use of bus service from Jaipur, as there are no direct buses from New Delhi.

Visiting hours: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm

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