Tourism in Thiruvannamalai: Things to do in Thiruvannamalai

Tourism in Thiruvannamalai

A distinguished pilgrimage town and municipality in Thiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvannamalai is an ancient city that has long been associated with many yogis and siddhars. The headquarters of Thiruvannamalai district, Thiruvannamalai has become an international center of study in spiritualism.


Thiruvannamalai is situated 185 km from Chennai and 210 km from Bangalore.


The name Thiruvannamalai was derived from the name of the holy mountain Tiruvannan Malai. In Thiruvannamalai, Lord Shiva took the form of a column of fire which had no beginning or end, so as to destroy the ego of Lord Vishnu and Brahma. It is said that Lord Shiva in ardhanarashwari form, with one half being Goddess Umadevi, appeared before his devotees here.

Fairs & Festivals

Best Time to Visit

For a tour to Thiruvannamalai, the best time to visit is between the months of November and March.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is at Chennai.


You can board a passenger train to Vellore or Villupuram from the railway station at Thiruvannamalai.


Thiruvannamalai is well-connected by a network of roads to many cities and towns in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Tourist Attractions

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Places around Thiruvannamalai

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