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Tour to Thiruchirappalli (Trichy)

Facts And Figures

  • Area: 23.26 sq. kms
  • Population: 711,120
  • Languages spoken: Tamil and English
  • STD Code: 0431

Tour to Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) One of the richest centers of Dravidian culture, the historic city of Thiruchirappalli or Trichy as it is also known as located on the banks of the Kaveri River amidst the natural beauty that surrounds almost the entirety of Tamil Nadu. One of the best exponents of the tourist richness of Tamil Nadu, a tour to Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) is a must-have in your tour itinerary of Tamil Nadu.

Best Time To Visit

Famous for its harsh summers and mild winters, Thiruchirappalli or, Trichy as it is called has temperatures that range from 37.10 c to 26.4 c in summers to 31.30 c to 20.60 c in winters. Thus, the best time to visit the region would be the months of November to march when the weather remains pleasantly cool and conducive to the diascovert of the natural beauty of Trichy.


Trichy or Thiruchirappalli has been regarded as the capital city of the Chola dynasty from 300 B.C. a number of literary as well as archeological evidences also prove the validity and legitimacy of the claim. Then reins of power was later transferred to the hands of the Pallava dynasty and finally in the hands of the Pandyas. It was after this that the territory came in control of the Mughals who reshaped the region with the help of the French and British powers. Trichy was under the control of the British after their victory over their French rivals in the various Carnatic Wars.

Tourist Attractions

The major tourist attractions of a tour to Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) include:

  • Rock Fort Temple
  • Often regarded as the landmark of Trichy, this beautiful Thayumanaswamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is adorned with a 100-pillar hall and a vimana covered with gold. Coupled with these are the exquisite architectural masterpieces of the Pallava period, that adorn the walls of the temple and which, add up to make this one of the principle tourist attractions of Trichy.

  • The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam
  • Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, one of the most revered deities of Hinduism, this beautiful temple is located around 6 kms north of Trichy and is a visual delight thanks to its walls which are adorned with sculptures depicting several of the deities of Hinduism.

  • The Jambukeshwara Temple (Thiruvanaikaval)
  • Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this beautiful temple is home to a submerged Shiva lingam which is said to have been worshipped by an elephant, giving birth to a legend to which the temple owes the origin of its name.

The other temples of Trichy include the Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, Vayalur Subramniya Temple, Anbil, Appakudathan and Thiruvallarai Vishnu Temples, Uraiyur Nachiyaar Temple, Uraiyur Vekkali Amman Temple, Thiruppaigeeli Shiva Temple, Gunaseelam Vishnu Temple and Thirupparaithurai Shiva temple.

Places Around Thiruchirappalli (Trichy)

The important places of tourist interest located around Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) are:

  • Vayaloor
  • Located 8 kms away from the main city of Trichy, this beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga, one of the revered deities of Hinduism.

  • Viralimalai
  • Dedicated to Lord Subramanya, this beautiful hill-temple is a must-include while planning a trip to Thiruchirappalli (Trichy).

Fairs & Festivals

The festivals of Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) are varied and add an extra spark of life to the towns daily lives. Notable among these are:

  • Pongal
  • Pongal is celebrated with great fervor during the month of January. Thus, if you are planning a tour to Thiruchirappalli (Trichy), make sure to chose this period for your vacation.

The other festivals and fairs of Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) include:

  • Mohini Alangaram
  • Vaikunta Ekadashi
  • Garuda Sevai
  • Flower Festival
  • Car Festival at Srirangam
  • Float festival at Rock Fort Teppakulam in March April
  • Samayapuram Mariamman Temple Poochorithal Festival during the months of March - April
How to reach
  • By Air:

    Thiruchirappalli or Trichy as it is popularly called has its own airport which is located around 5 kms away from the main region of the city. A number of international as well as domestic destinations are covered by the flights which operate at the Trichy Airport.

  • By Rail:

    Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) is well-connected to a number of neighboring cities via important rail heads. These cities include Chennai, Thanjavur, Chidambaram, Madurai, Tirupathi, Tuticorin, Tenkasi, Quilon as well as Rameswaram Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mysore, Kochi, Kanyakumari and Mangalore through the meter gauge.

  • By Road:

    Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) is well-connected to a number of neighboring cities by an efficient network of roads.

Where To Stay

Thiruchirappalli (Trichy) is home to a number of hotels and resorts, all of which are fully equipped to provide warmth and hospitality to all the guests to the city. These include several hotels pertaining to the economy and choice of numerous people on a tour to Thiruchirappalli (Trichy).

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