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  India Tours, India Vacations, Travel to India, Hotels in IndiaIndia Tours, India Vacations, Travel to India, Hotels in India

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India Tours, India Vacations, Travel to India, Hotels in India

India Travel Tips

Travel to exotic India with Tourism-of-India packages – specially tailored for you and your travel needs.

Some important travel tips that you must keep in mind while traveling to India are:-

  • It is perfectly safe to travel to India at any time during the year.

  • As far as your India Travel itinerary is concerned the best thing to do is zero in some of the important places of interest instead of crowding your travel plan with too may destination tours.

  • It is advisable to read up on the destinations you are planning to tour while on an India travel.

  • Almost every destination in India boasts of a variety of five star and deluxe hotels that feature facilities comparable with international standards. Besides these there are a number of heritage hotels that were in the past palace hotels.

  • There are many budget hotels and guesthouses apart from a variety of government approved hotels located in different parts of India.

  • There is something to suit everyone’s budget in India. You can also stay at the YWCA and YMCA hostels during your India Travel with Tourism-of-India

  • The best period for India travel is during the May – June or October-March months as tourism is at its peak during these months.

  • It is advisable to ask your agent to arrange for train and road travel while you’re coursing destinations in India. This is perhaps the best way to explore rural India and its many charms.

  • English is a very commonly spoken and understood languages in India. But in case you do have trouble getting your message across to locals you can book guides and interpreters from authorized India Tourist Offices.

  • It is advisable to drink bottled water or packaged mineral water while on tours to India destinations.

  • You must carry your medications if any while traveling to India.

  • It is advisable not to eat very spicy food on your India travel in fact you may request the hotel staff where you’re staying to take care not top garnish your dishes with a lot of chilli and spices.

  • Please do not feel ill at ease on being stared at by locals. They are generally very helpful though a little curious about tourist who travel to India from different parts of the world.

  • In case you are planning to tour restricted areas such as Arunachal Pradesh you must procure the requisite permit from an India Tourist office. You may ask your tour agent to arrange for the same.

  • Most of the Banks in India function from Monday to Friday from 1000 hours to 1230 hours.

  • All the post offices in India work from Monday to Friday from 1000 hours to 1630 hours.

  • All the government and administrative offices in India function from 0930 to 1700 hours on weekdays.

  • Some important do’s and don’ts while on an India Travel

  • You must carry your passport and other important travel documents with you.

  • You must keep the attested Photostat copies in person while stow away the originals in some safe place.

  • It is advisable not to buy air / rail or travel tickets from unauthorized persons who present themselves as travel agents.

  • Foreign nationals must pay all their bills through credit cards, traveler’s cheques or foreign currency. Indian rupees will only be accepted if you can furnish proof of having exchanged money at an authorized currency exchange center.

  • It is advisable not to hire cars or vehicles from unauthorized personnel or travel operators. The best thing to do if need of transport would be to ask your Tourism-of-India tour operator to arrange for the vehicle(s).

  • Information on Custom / Immigration / Visas

  • On arrival in India tourists are required to obtain a Currency Declaration Form and must fill up the Disembarkation Card. Tourists must also ensure that they make an oral declaration of the baggage they’ve brought along.

  • Tourists who do not have articles that needs to go through custom clearance can comfortably go through the Green Channel.

  • Tourists who must get custom clearance for goods need to go through the Red Channel

  • For those who have a visa permit for 180 days must acquire a Registration certificate and a residential permit. Four passport size photographs need to be furnished at the time of registration.

  • While leaving the country foreign nationals are required to submit the Certificate of registration at the concerned office.

  • Foreign nationals are required to have a Yellow fever vaccination certificate while traveling to India.

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