Best Way to Travel around India

Getting around India is easy, cheap and comfortable. Plane, bus, train and boat are some common options of travelling around the country. Further, traveling around cities and towns is more interesting as every place has something distinct when it comes to modes of transport. Human-pulled rickshaws, metro rail, steam locomotives are a few examples of transport modes. Here is more on the major transport modes of India.

Via Plane

It is comfortable to travel around India via air. All the important cities of the country are connected to each other via airways. Because of the huge distance between cities of the country, traveling via plane is the easiest way to reach the desired destination. For those who are short of time and need to travel across the country in a few days, traveling via plane is the best option. Domestic flights in India connect around 80 cities. With increased competition among the airline operators these days, visitors can expect low domestic airfares. Flights can be easily booked online by visiting the website of the airline operator. Some popular airline operators of the country are Air India, Air Asia, Go Air, Indigo and Spicejet.

Via Train

Cities, towns and districts of India are well connected by a huge rail network which covers around 60,000 kilometers (40,000 miles). The railway network of India is operated by Indian Railways, owned by the government. Train travel is an interesting option to travel around the country. To make it convenient for the travelers, trains offer a variety of classes to match the requirement of every traveler. Long travel in the train is also comfortable as different accommodation options are available. Traveling around India via train is the best option as it makes you familiar with Indian culture and the lifestyle of Indians. Also, what would be better than enjoying the view of Indian landscape while reaching the final destination?

For those who wish to travel via train around the country but don’t wish to compromise on luxury, India has a number of luxury tourist trains. Some popular luxury trains are Palace on Wheels, the Deccan Odyssey, the Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and Maharaja’s express. These trains offer world class facilities and luxurious accommodation onboard to the travelers.

Other than the national rail system of the country, suburban train networks called the Metro operate in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. The metro is the most comfortable way of traveling around the city.

Via Road

Traveling around India through road is a great option. It is a perfect option for those who like to travel as per their schedule and convenience. Self-drive car hire is not recommended to visitors in India as much experience is required to match the traffic of the country. However, in some destinations like Goa, it is best to hire scooters and motorcycles which are easily available to get around the place.

There is a very large network of buses which runs between different cities and towns. These buses are operated via state road transport corporations and private companies. Bus services are frequent and easy to book. It is a good option if you need to cover short distances. It can be a real task to travel via local buses in some places. Overcrowded and noisy local buses come forward as a real challenge at times.

Traveling around the city via taxis or three-wheeled auto rickshaw is the best option. Both taxis and auto rickshaws are easily available on the roads. 

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