Culture and Etiquette in India

Differences in culture can become a roadblock in almost all kinds of things. If you are travelling to India, it is important that you take note of certain things. However, respecting the cultural preferences of any destination you are visiting is the right thing to do. India is slightly sensitive when it comes to its culture. Thus, the page enlists a list of do’s and don’ts as far as cultural etiquettes in India are concerned:

Dressing and Attire 

Religious Etiquettes

Table Etiquettes

Tipping Manners

Giving and Receiving Gifts 

Photo Etiquettes 

Greeting People 


Visitors Custom 

Business Etiquettes 

Do not feel intimated by reading this page about cultural etiquettes in India. Just follow what the locals are doing and what is given here. And, your visit to India is simply going to a memorable affair and you would want to come here again for more.


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