What to Pack for India

What you pack in your luggage totally depends on your itinerary and your travel style.  For example, if you are visiting major cities, you might need to pack fancy footwear and clothes but if you are into exploring rural India, it is best to carry slippers and comfortable shoes and clothes. It’s not that you cannot find things here, but it is always better to come prepared already. Let us brief you about things you need to pack for India, from luggage to miscellaneous items.


It is always best to make sure the type of luggage you are carrying does not end up bugging you when you don’t have a porter in rescue. If you will be visiting cities, then you can easily carry a suitcase with wheels. But rolling a suitcase could be a tough task in rugged lands like those in rural India, and in that case a backpack is the best option.


This is surely not a problem in India, as this country is already leading in medical field. You can easily get specific ailments that are similar to those found overseas; you only need to recall the name of the brand. You might not be able to find specific rare medicines and thus it is best to pack them along. There are some medicines which have a different name in India, like acetaminophen in India is called Paracetamol. You can simply visit the chemist and tell him your symptoms and he will hand over the apt medicine. But this is ideal only if the condition is not severe such as headache and stomach-ache.


Considering the fact that India is a cultural country, this needs to be kept in mind that in most places, especially rural India, it is best to cover most of your body parts. However, short dresses are acceptable in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore etc. It is highly recommended for girls to keep a thin stole or scarf handy.

Always do your homework and research before visiting any region of India. Not only India is diverse in culture but in weather conditions as well. When Kashmir of North India is carpeted with snow, regions of South India experience moderate climate. Hence, make sure that you are packing your clothes appropriately as per the weather.


What kind of footwear you are packing again totally depends on the nature of your trip and itinerary. Go for slippers or comfortable shoes if you are going for sightseeing, shipping and beach-hopping. If you will visiting be major cities of India, do carry your fancy shoes if you might end up clubbing. 


Sunscreen/ Sun block is essential especially if you visiting the beaches or specific regions of India. Also some regions of India are dusty and that’s when you would need hand-sanitizers and scarf. Other items you should pack for India are torch, toilet paper and chain. Usage of toilet paper is limited in India, though you can easily find them in hotels. It is best to keep a small lock and chain handy to protect your luggage from theft.


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