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The romantic city of Shillong is one of the important tourist destinations in the northeast. It is often referred to as the "Scotland of the East" due to its striking similarity with the Scottish highlands. The city derives its name from "Leishyllong"-the Superpower or God who is believed to reside on the Shillong peak, overlooking the city. Lying in the cradle of the tall pine conifers and pineapple shrubs, Shillong's undulating terrain is a constant source of attraction for tourists from both home and abroad. The Khasi, Jaintia and Garo tribes add color to this hilly city.


The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong, lies in the eastern part of the state. It sits at an altitude of 1,520 meters (4,990 feet) above sea level and stretches for about 6 km on an elevated track. The Umiam gorge (north), the great mass of the Diengiei Hills (northwest), and the hills of the Assam Valley (northeast) bound Shillong, making it a must-visit place for nature lovers. Further, the city is at a distance of 104 km from Guwahati, 295 km from Kaziranga, 578 km from Siliguri, and 658 km from Darjeeling, providing easy access.

Fairs & Festivals of Shillong

The festivals vary according to the tribes. Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and the New Year Day celebrations are the most important. Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, or the Nongkrem dance, is one of the most important Khasi festivals. Shad Sukmynsiem is another important festival of the Khasis. Behdiengkhlam, the festival of the Jaintias, is celebrated in July. Wangala is the festival of the Garos and is dedicated to the Sun God.

Best Time to Visit Shillong

Shillong is blessed with a pleasant climate all throughout the year and thus it can be visited all around the year. The months of March and April bring in summers but the weather is quite nice. There is no excessive heat and the summers are mainly mild, with temperatures ranging between 24°C to and 15°C. The time is ideal for sightseeing and other activities.

Rainfall in the months from June to September ranges from average to heavy. This is time when the waterfalls look even more stunning and Shillong look even greener.  The month of July is the wettest month. Though sightseeing is slightly difficult at the time but the hotels offer great deals.

The rains stop in October and the weather starts become cold. November marks the starting of the winter season in Shillong. In the winters, temperatures go down as low as 2°C. If you love winter chill, this is the place to be for both honeymooners as well as leisure vacationers. Pack enough woolens as the nights become quite cold.

How to Reach Shillong

By Air


Guwahati Airport (120 km) and Umroi Airport (30 km) are the nearest airports to Shillong. However, the preferred airport is the Guwahati Airport. This is because it connects to major Indian cities by regular flights, whereas at Umroi, only domestic flights land. After landing, you can hire a taxi or bus to Shillong.

By Train


This service is provided to and from Guwahati to Shillong daily. It lasts for 20 minutes and offers a bird’s-eye view. However, book in advance, especially during peak tourist season.

By Road


National Highway 40 connects Guwahati to Shillong. MTC (Meghalaya Transport Corporation) and ASTC (Assam State Transport Corporation) also provides regular bus services. If you are not on a budget, taxi services are also available.

Tourist Attractions in Shillong

Shillong places to visit include waterfalls to heritage villages. On your Shillong tour, make sure to check out these places to get insights into Shillong’s history, culture, and natural beauty.  

Waterfalls in Shillong

The heavenly city, Shillong, endowed with numerous waterfalls, never fails to mesmerize travelers. Gushing down the luxuriant hills, you can visit many waterfalls in Shillong for peace of mind and body. Trekking trails to waterfalls will also give you a chance to explore the trails of nothing but abundant beauty.

Here are waterfalls in Shillong you must visit on your tour - 

  • Elephant Falls
  • Seven Sister Falls
  • Kynrem Falls
  • Nohkalikai Falls
  • Sweet Falls 
  • Mawphlang Falls

Peaks in Shillong 

Bounded by hills and valleys on three sides, Shillong has viewpoints that offer breathtaking views of the city. Shillong Peak is the highest at 6433 feet, accessible via the Upper Shillong or Jowai Road. 
List of peaks in Shillong that’ll paint a picture of the city’s scenic landscape - 

  • Sohpetbneng Peak
  • Dingei Hill
  • Dumpeep Peak

Lakes in Shillong 

When the entire city is a hill station, it is not difficult to find waterfalls. Lakes amidst the gentle green slopes are a refreshment for the mind. Listening to the calm waters is always soothing, whether it's morning or evening.
Here’s a list of beautiful lakes in Shillong you can visit -

  • Ward’s Lake
  • Umiam Lake 

Other attractions in Shillong

Apart from the famous Shillong attractions, there are other places to check out in Shillong that are equally beautiful and offer insights into the city’s and state’s culture and history. Take a look!

  • State Museum 
  • Botanical Garden near Ward’s Lake
  • Golf Course called Gleneagles of the East
  • Fruit Garden opposite St. Edmund’s College 
  • Lady Hydari Park 
  • Churches 

Places Around Shillong

Explore some more of the Meghalaya state and visit places around Shillong. Collect memories as you travel to the wettest place in the world or the 500-year-old temple in Nartiang. Here’s the list - 

  • Cherrapunji - About 56 km from Shillong is Cherrapunji Village, among the wettest places in the world after Mawsynram. It’s famous for its limestone caves and orange honey and has the oldest Presbyterian Church.
  • Nartiang - Located 65 km from Shillong, impressive Mawbynna monuments are found here. They are called the garden of monoliths and have the state's most extensive collection. Monuments, some considered the tallest in the world, are dedicated to the leaders and royals of the Pnar people,
  • Nongkrem - About 13 km from Shillong is the seat of the Syiem of Nongkrem, whose estate extends up to Shillong. The traditional Nongkrem Dance Festival is held around autumn and draws massive crowds.
  • Jakrem - A popular health resort having hot springs of sulfur water, Jakrem is believed to have curative medicinal properties. 
  • Dawki-  A border town 96 km from Shillong, Dawki offers glimpses of Bangladesh. During spring, the colorful annual boat race at the Umngot River is an added attraction.
  • Jowai - At 1,500 m above sea level is Jowai, an important station on the route to Silchar and Agartala.

Frequently Asked Questions Shillong Tourism

Q: Is it safe to visit Shillong?

Ans. Yes, Shillong is one of India’s safest travel destinations. Even solo female travelers can visit Shillong. However, we advise travelers not to roam around at night at isolated places. 

Q: What is Shillong to Mawphlang distance?

Ans. Shillong and Mawphlang is around 25 km and takes about 1 hour to reach by road. 

Q: What are some accommodations in Shillong Meghalaya?

Ans. Shillong is a popular tourist place and thus, houses many places to stay. Travelers can find decent accommodations with comfortable beds and great hospitality. Here are some hotels in Shillong - 

  • The Heritage Club - Tripura Castle
  • Cafe Shillong - bed and breakfast
  • Kaizun Bed & Breakfast
  • Best Holiday Inn
  • The Pear Tree
  • Woodstock Farm House
Q: What language do they speak in Shillong?

Ans. English and Hindi are the main languages of Shillong. However, you will find local people using regional languages like Garo, Khasi, and Assamese to communicate. Jaintia language is also a popular one.

Q: What is the distance from Shillong to Cherrapunji?

Ans. Shillong to Cherrapunji distance is approx. 54 km and will take you around 2 hours to cover by car.

Q: What are the best veg restaurants in Shillong?

Ans. Shillong has a lot of options for vegetarians. Here is the list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Shillong you can check out on your trip - 

  • City Hut Family Dhaba
  • Dejavu
  • Cafe Shillong
  • ML 05 Cafe
  • Jiva Veg
  • Dylan’s Cafe
Q: What are the best places to visit in Shillong?

Ans. Shillong tourist places will never disappoint you, from museums to abundant natural attractions. Here are some of the best places to visit in Shillong you can add to your itinerary - 

  • Elephant Falls
  • Umiam Lake
  • Shillong Peak & View Point
  • Don Bosco Museum
  • Sweet Falls
  • Ward’s Lake
  • Phan Nonglait Park
  • Air Force Museum
Q: What is the best weather to visit in Shillong?

Ans. Shillong is a year-round destination but if you want to avoid rains, September to May is the best time to visit Shillong. The weather is cool, with temperatures ranging between 15-25°C, making the sightseeing tours pleasant.       

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