India Orchidarium Botanical Garden

India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden Shillong

Placed alongside the Ward Lake, amidst the virgin forest of Mawphlang, India Orchidarium and Botanical Garden is one of the most famous attractions in Shillong. This Botanical garden houses an amazing collection of rare orchids and plantations. A visit to view these native exotic plants would be a delight, if you are a nature enthusiast.

A myth is also associated with the flora and the forest of this area. It is said that the trees and plants here are sacred and if anyone disturbs them, he calls for misfortune. This area basically lies in the outskirts of the main city. Along with the collection of orchids, there is a small aviary where one can see a colorful collection of rare avifanua species. Take a walk at the well-maintained pavement and treat your eyes to the lovely views here.

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