Lakes in India

India is home to a huge number of stunning lakes that are spread all over the landscape of the country. Lakes in India are mainly divides into Natural (brackish and freshwater lakes) and Manmade Lakes. These waterways can be found in Kashmir northern region to the Malabar Coast in the south and from the desert land of Rajasthan to Assam in east. Tranquility and serene natural surroundings are the prime features of a picnic around or a visit to a lake. Lakes in India are counted as popular tourist attractions of India.

A retreat to a lake in India is surely a refreshing experience where one can partake in a number of activities such as fishing, boating, bird watching and more. If you are one of those who are nature enthusiasts, a visit to these lakes would be a lifetime experience for you. Whether you are searching for a place to experience a high adrenaline rush or wish to go to a place that proves to be peaceful, lakes in India offer best of both the experiences.

Here are some popular Lakes in India

While Sambhar Salt Lake of Rajasthan is the largest inland salt lake of the country, Indira Sagar Lake is famed as India’s biggest reservoir lake. Sasthamkotta Lake in Kerala and Dal Lake of Kashmir are known to the popular freshwater lakes in India, boasting of enchanting surroundings. Shikara ride and houseboat stay are the prime attractions amidst tourists who visit Dal Lake. Do visit Lake Pichola in Udaipur and enjoy beautiful sunset view while boat riding on its placid waters.

Pangong lake in Ladakh and Cholamu Lake in Sikkim are counted in the list of some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Beautiful and serene ambiance is not only a part of the visit to the lake. In case you love bird watching, visit Pulicat Lake (on border to Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh), Periyar Lake (Thekkady), Kolleru Lake (Andhra Pradesh), Vembanad Lake (Kumarakom) and Kolleru Lake (western region of Ahmedabad) offer the best bird watching experiences where you can spot several colorful avifuana species. A visit to the Lonar Crater (Maharashtra), the world’s oldest and largest crater of India would be memorable.

Similarly, while Kabar Taal Lake of Bihar is Asia’s largest freshwater lake, Oxbow Lake is a beautiful U-shaped water body. Loktak Lake in Manipur looks mesmerizing and is home to a number of endangered marine wildlife species. Do not miss a visit to the Gurudongmar Lake of Sikkim, one of the highest lakes in the world. It is not only known for its scenic beauty but also for its sacred value.

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List of Popular Lakes in India

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