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Tourism of Indore

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Tourism of Indore

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Tour to Indore Rani Ahilyabai on the banks of river Saraswati built the most planned city of Madhya Pradesh, Indore. Lying in the west of the state, Indore has welcomed tourists for years now. A vibrant city like Bhopal, it is also a stop over for business executives. The city of magnificence, tourism in Indore is influenced by the garment industry in the place and historical attractions. It is also among the prime destinations for shopping in Madhya Pradesh with the glittering showrooms stealing the show. For international tourists, the textile industry of the state is of immense interest for the handloom sarees. The tourism industry in Indore has also taken off to new heights with the recognition of the ancient temples, monuments, and other buildings. Most of these are of the 19th century and well preserved by the Department of Tourism in Indore.

Another reason for tourists visiting the place often is the food and accommodation facility available to them. There are heritage hotels, economy, and budget accommodation. The streets are also flooded with eateries and you will never fail to remember the taste of Pav Bhaji in Indore.

The legacy of the Holkars lives in every corner of the city and especially in the outskirts where you see the havelis and old buildings.

The peak season for tourism in Indore is between April to December. Summer temperatures are high but the winters are mild during the onset. Travel to Indore to experience the magical spell that the well-preserved glory of past and the urban lifestyle of the present have created. The splendors of the city are seen through the palace of Ahilya Bai Holkar and the many monuments that came up under her rule. There is a statue of Ahilya Bai built at the center of the city.

Top tourist attractions in Indore
Indore tourism prospers for the various places of attraction and historical sites here. Check out some of the top places of visit in Indore
Tour to Indore Lal Baag Palace- The most impressive palace in the city of Indore built in the year 1886. The palace commissioned by Tukoji Rao Holkar II and completed in 1921. Covering an area of 200 meters, the palace premise is thronged by thousands every year. You notice the European and Maratha style in architectural and designing of the palace interiors. It is also a venue for royal gatherings and other important social functions

Kanch Mandir A beautiful Jain temple made and decorated with glass, the Kanch Mandir is unique of its kind in the state. From the pillars to the ceiling, everything is wrapped in glass. There are huge paintings in the hall of the temple and it looks like a maze you are roaming in. The specialty of this temple comes with the reflection of three statues in all the 21 sides of the glass wall depicting the 21 tirthankaras that Jains believe in.

Other places popular among tourists include Town Hall, Bada Ganapati, Annapurna Temple, Chhatri Bagh, and Gomtagiri Jain temples.