The Ridge is a smooth stretch of road just above the Gangtok Town. It is a 20 minutes’ walk from MG Marg main market. It is presided on one side by the White Hall as well as the Chief Minister's Residence, and on the other side by a wonderful gate with pagoda like top, the ridge is a good place to relax.

The Ridge Park runs along the serene road and is full of flowering Himalayan plants and shrubs. Walk on the scenic road. There is an old-fashioned Sikkimese style Gazebo where visitors can rest and soak in the charming setting. There are benches as well in the park like as Himalayan Zoological Park and Norbugang Park.

At one end of the Ridge Park is the Flower Exhibition Center. Every year an annual Orchid show is organized. Marvel at the amazing collections of flowers of many different types, especially the North eastern Himalayan variants. Flower lover and nature enthusiasts, must visit the ridge any time they visit. The best time is between March to June when the Orchids are in full bloom and put on display for visitors.

Some flowers blooming shrubs includes Blue Venda Orchids, Celosia, Chrysanthemum, Paps, etc. All flowering plants are labeled for tourist to know and the name, details and other information. The ridge is ideal setting for great photography. Capture beautiful remembrances amongst colorful flowers and shrubs.




Admission & Timings

There is no admission fee for Ridge Park. However admission fee for Flower Exhibition Center is 10 INR per person. It's open from 8:30 am till 5 pm daily.

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