Norbugang Park

Norbugang Park

The Norbugang Chorten is one of the revered places to visit in Sikkim. Built in the event following the crowning ceremony of the first Chogyal of Sikkim in 1642, it is one of the must visit attractions of the North East Himalayas. The park has history, spiritual connection and tourist lure.

The Norbugang Park lies at Yuksom, 42 km from Pelling town. The Norbugang Chorten and the Norbugang throne are integral part of Buddhist religious pilgrimage circuit. The Archaeological Survey of India maintains the site. Revel in the divine charm and take home wonderful memories of your holiday.


Sikkim has ancient roots with Tibetan Buddhism. The Norbugang Park is an important link in this connection. The site is important for its religious and spiritual value. Legends state that three learned Lamas headed by Lhatsun Chempo, attended the crowning the first Chogyal of Sikkim in 1642. After the 21-day crowning ceremony was performed in accordance to procedures recommended in the scriptures, the lamas decided to build a Chorten at Norbugang.

For the building, lamas collected earth, stones and water from all parts of Sikkim. The chorten is the site of buried treasures of the gifts of the ceremony. Buddhist devotes till date visit the park for pilgrimage.


The Norbugang Park encompasses the Norbugang Chorten (stupa), the claimed Coronation Throne for the first Chogyal of Sikkim, prayer hall, large prayer wheel, and an ancient pine tree.

The Norbugang Coronation throne, has the appearance of an old Olympic Medal Podium, made of white washed stones. The stone throne has four seats, with the top one intended for Lama Lhatsun Chhempo. The coronation of ceremony took place under a pine tree, which lives till date.

The Norbung Chorten (stupa) is said to have been built with earth and water from all parts of Sikkim. The original stupa remains in ruins. The small Kathok Lake at the park, had waters used for the sanctification ceremony. A foot print can be seen in the park said to be of one of the lamas. There are imprints of toes and soles of feet.

The ambiance of the Norbugang Park is blissful. Explore the history, divine connection and the tourist fascination in Sikkim’s popular places to visit.

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