Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

The Palolem Beach is just the kind of beach you are likely to come across in glossy paged brochures. White sands, coconut palms and a gentle ocean breeze make this beach one of exceptional beauty. However, there is hardly any development here and travelers should be warned that they would find none of the facilities that are available on the other beaches. The accommodation available is rustic but the atmosphere is undeniably relaxing and enchanting.


The Palolem Beach is located between two headlands, and is the beach that is closest to Karnataka. It has interesting little wooded islands on the northern headland and you could try to persuade a fisherman to ferry you across. You could go with them and try spotting dolphins. A few shacks selling seafood snacks, souvenirs, and bright, informal clothes have been set up here ever since. Palolem has some beautiful beach huts and family rooms to live in. Try to avoid the weekends, as there is a big crowd of picnickers who throng the beach on weekends. Palolem is 37 kms from Margao and 3 km away from the Cancona Railway Junction, which now on the Konkan Railway, and is the railway station closest to this beach. The capital of Panaj is more than 70 km away. 

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