Museums in India

Undoubtedly, India is considered a gem when it comes to architectural beauty, cultural heritage, traditions and historical past. India is dotted with a number of historical monuments which date back to the Mughal and British era. Every tourist destination of India houses one or more museums which showcase the magnificent past of the area. These museums play an important role in unfolding the truth of the bygone eras.

Museums of India allure photographers, history buffs and archaeologists from all over. Most museums of India display a spectacular collection of Indian scripts, paintings, Buddhist art, wooden carvings, musical instruments, war weapons and coins.

Some famous museums of India are Indian Museum in Kolkata, which is one of the largest museums in Asia, the National Museum in Delhi, which is known for preserving remnants of the Harappan era, The Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai, which houses a collection of old firearms and rare coins, Calico Museum in Ahmedabad, which has a great collection of cloth paintings and fabrics.

Other popular museums of the country are Bhau Daji Lad Museum (Mumbai), National Rail Museum (Delhi),  Salar Jung Museum (Hyderabad), Shankar’s International Dolls Museum (Delhi), Government Museum (Egmore) and Albert Hall Museum (Rajasthan).

If you wish to explore the rich culture and history of India, it is best to take a tour of its museums. A tour of the museums of India not only makes you turn back the pages of the country’s history but speaks much about the beliefs and culture of people. Your trip to India is incomplete without the a visit to the museums, which act as the records of India‘s history, archaeology and government. 

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List of Museums in India

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