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Chapora Beach Goa

The quieter environs of the Vagator and Chapora beaches are a pleasant change after the lively and activity filled Anjuna Beach. The villages of Vagator and Chapora have lush green landscapes fringed with coconut palms, soft white sands, black lava rocks and a beautiful sea that turns from aquamarine to emerald green with the movement of the sun. The beaches are overlooked by a 500-year-old Portuguese fort and life goes on peacefully and uninterruptedly here.

Tourists Attraction

The Vagator beach is the most photographed beach in Goa. Its northern half fronts a bay that curves from the headland to the hillock crowned by the Chapora Fort. Between the headland and the hillock, surf spreads in skirts of white lace and the palms stand far back from the water. At the tip of the headland are groups of sea-washed rocks popular with honeymooners and others who want to be left alone. To the south of the headland are more outcrops of rocks cupping little pockets of sand and interesting tidal pools. And on the headland you'd find snack stalls, coconut sellers, and persuasive peddlers of trinkets and shells. 

Vagator and Chapora have a rich rural life. Chapora is a fishing village that has retained its old ways of life, and have stories galore for those who want to listen to fish tales! The large population of fishermen can be seen in their traditional attire, and colorfully dressed women can be seen haggling for fish on roadsides. 

These beaches are pure and uncorrupted and don't offer any modern tourist entertainment pastimes or big shopping complexes. But fish, coconuts, bananas, 'Bebinca, a Goan delicacy made from tender coconuts, candelabras made of exquisite blue china, and artifacts like woven baskets and earthen pots can be found in plenty here. 

There is not too much of choice for staying at Vagator and Chapora, except a few guesthouses, or houses on rent. It is better to book in advance during the peak tourist season, since everything can already be booked by the time you arrive.

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