Christmas and New Year in Goa

Christmas and New Year in Goa


Come December and Goa becomes the talk of the town. With its characteristic party culture, Goa serves as an ideal destination for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In fact, it is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas and New Year in India. Make preparation in advance as accommodations are pre-booked as this is the peak season of tourism in Goa.

Christmas is a deeply religious festival. The festival is celebrated similar to European countries. It is all about celebrating good spirit in people. Gifts are exchanged and often brought by Santa Claus. Dress up in the finest clothes. Partake in Missa de Galo, traditionally known for midnight mass. Music and dance are an integral part of the celebrations. It is wonderful to see that Christmas celebrations are not just restricted to Christians. People belonging to different communities participate in the celebration with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Live music, food, beer, fun, frolic, parties, sun, sea and the sand describe the perfect facet of Goa during New Year bash. The tropical beaches, spectacular churches, water sports, rave parties, bars and pubs and the delicious Goan food will create a joyous occasion. While enjoying New Year celebrations, one can indulge in various activities such as beach sports, sightseeing, dancing and beach bumping.

The festivities start from the start of December and continue till the early days of January. Make plans to visit during the season, even the weather is as its best form.

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