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Osho Meditation Retreat Pune

Founded by Osho, the Osho International Meditation Centre is a well-known spiritual centre in India. Situated in the midst of leafy environs in Pune city of Maharashtra, the retreat has 200,000 visitors annually. Osho International is not like a typical Indian Ashram, it is one of the largest growing Spiritual Centers of the World. The retreat offers variety of classes and workshops. You can chose anything and everything from organizational development to tantric sex. 

Osho, born as Rajneesh Chandra Mohan is a popular Indian mystic, guru and founder of Rajneesh movement. Osho started his career as a spiritual teacher in the mid 1960's. He began traveling around India, attracting many audiences with his fundamental vision of meditation leading to personal and spiritual transformation. In 1974, he founded his ashram in Pune where he died in early 1990.

Located in a beautiful estate of marble sidewalks, waterfalls and gardens, the Osho International Meditation Centre is one of the India's largest tourist attractions. Thousands of visitors every day, almost entirely foreigners are seen in attendance. To get an entry pass it is mandatory to get an AIDS test done by the retreat’s own testing center. There are separate clothes and rules for you stay. Inside the meditation center you are only allowed maroon clothes, robes, bathing suit and exercise wear. The white robe is essential for attending the evening activities.

The Osho International Centre also has numerous facilities like swimming Pool, Massage and Beauty Parlours, Sauna, Zennis Courts etc. The acres of beautiful landscaped gardens of the retreat remain open to the general public daily in the mornings as well as evenings. People are allowed meditation at the Osho's Samadhi, four times a day situated in the middle of beautiful surrounding of marble and glass. Osho Teerth is another attraction of this complex. Photography and video is not permitted inside the reatreat.

The Ashram provides various kinds of meditation. The day starts early mornings by 6 Am. The meditation courses available include Dynamic Mediation, Vipassana and Kundalini. The evening session, the meeting of the White Robe Brotherhood starts at 7:00 PM. The meeting includes music, dancing, meditation and discourses on topics, ranging from the Buddha to latest world happenings. The main center of all Osho meditations and celebrations are the Buddha auditorium. The special celebrations at the retreat are held on January 19 (Osh's death), March 21 (Osho's enlightenment), The July full moon, September 8 and December 11 (Osho's Birthday).

Courses are available at the Osho Multiversity. The world's largest institution teaches meditation and personal development methods. The nine departments include a Meditation Academy, Schools for Creative Arts, Zen Martial Arts and an Institute for Love and Consciousness.

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