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Thiruneli is ideally located amidst the serene Brahmagiri Hills, at about 32 km from Mananthavady and 66 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad District, North Kerala.


Nestled beautifully amidst the Brahmagiri hills, Thiruneli is a treasure-trove of scenic beauty, housing the divine Thiruneli Temple and the holy mountain spring of Papanasini flowing close by. Legend has it that Thiruneli temple was built more than 3000 years ago by Lord Brahma – The Creator of the Universe, and that he himself dedicated the temple to Lord Visnu – the Preserver of the Universe according to Hindu mythology. Perhaps this explains how the hill ranges surrounding the temple came to be known as Brahma Giri. But the actual origin of the temple still remains a mystery.

Historical records provide evidence that present day Thiruneli ranked as an important and prosperous place in South India till 16th century AD. Copper inscriptions of Chera kings Bhaskara Ravi Varman I and II have been excavated from Thiruneli village and they bear testimony to the historical importance of the Vishnu Temple.

Fairs & Festivals of Thiruneli

The festivals at Thirunelli include Thiruneli Festival – the two day annual festival of Sree Thirunelli Devaswom held in April, and Bali Karma – held during new moon days in the months of karkidaka (July-August), thulam (October-November) and kumbham (February-March), wherein devotees perform rituals (bali) for the departed souls. Other festivals celebrated at the temple are Puthari, Chuttuvilakku, Navarathri, Sivarathri and Sreekrishna Jayanthi.

Best Time to Visit Thiruneli

Thirunelli is a lovely hamlet known for its very popular temple with the same name. The best time to visit Thirunelli is between the months of September to March, when the monsoon season gets finished and the winter season starts. During these months, the weather becomes conducive for sightseeing. The place is near Wayanad. The weather in summer season is slightly hot and dry, and the monsoons bring a lot of rain, making outdoor activity a challenge.

How to Reach Thiruneli

By Air


The nearest airport to Thirunelli is the Kozikhode airport (Calicut International Airport), which is located at a distance of around 135 km from here. The airport is well-connected by regular flights to important destinations of India as well as the world. From outside the airport, you can hire a taxi to arrive at your destination.

By Train


Thirunelli does not have its own railway station and the nearest railway station is the Kozhikode railway station. This station is 128 km away and is connected to the important destinations of the state and the country via regular trains. Rent a cab from the station to go to Thirunelli.

By Road


Regular state-run and private buses are available from Khozhikode and Mysore to Wayanad district where Thirunelli is located. Local transportation can be used from the bus stand.

Tourist Attractions in Thiruneli


  • An idyllic hill resort located in the Brahmagiri hills, 7 km north-east of Thirunelli, Pakshipathalam houses a wide variety of birds and animals.


  • Located in close proximity to Thiruneli, Kuruvadwep is a beautiful island on the banks of the Kabani River, 17 km from Mananthavady.

Edakkal Caves

  • The Edakkal Caves, located on Ambukuthi Hills, at a distance of 10 kilometers from Sultanbathery, are a major tourist attraction of Wayanad.

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