Nokrek National Park

Nokrek National Park Cherrapunjee

Nokrek National Park, Cherrapunjee is a haven of bio diversity. Listed as UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve, the national park in Meghalaya has some strict rules for exploring. Few of the last remaining red pandas call it their home. Meghalaya being the wettest place on Earth enjoys a climate perfect for wilderness and their inhabitants. Varieties of species survive easily and, the region and the national park is a thriving sanctuary for the wild population. The ideal weather conditions and lush vegetation of North East let the species of wildlife, flora and fauna survive.

How to Reach

Located 45 Kms from Tura in West Garo hills district, Nokrek National Park is easily accessible. The nearest town is William Nagar at a distance about 15 km. The nearest railway station is Guwahati which is 160 Kms away. The nearest airport is 170 kms away in Guwahati.


What to see

Nokrek National Park in Cherrapunjee is blessed with unique flora and fauna. The endemic Memang Narang, also known as Citrus Indici is found here. Attractions of the national park is the Simsang River game reserve, the Nokrek Peak, Norbugang Park and Ronbang Dare Waterfalls. The Garo Hills also houses many natural limestone caves, of which Siju Cave is famous. The entire length of the cave is covered in water.

Animal species making their home here are Red Pandas, Asian Elephant, Capped Langur, Clouded Leopard, Leopard Cat, Fishing-Cat, Golden Cat, Pangolin, Wild Buffalo, Python, Elephant, Serow and Tiger.

The birds which can be spotted are green pigeons such as Hornbill, Peacock, Pheasant, Hollock and many more.

Also, many mountain snakes make the park their home.


Best time to visit

Meghalaya can be visited all seasons of the year. The best time to visit the wilderness of Nokrek National Park is during months of October to May.

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