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The most highly populated state in southern India and the land simultaneously of the Telugu and the Charminar, Andhra Pradesh on the Bay of Bengal offers a plethora of the most diverse tourist experiences. From dilapidated fortresses to untamed wilderness, magnificent monuments to rustic tribal villages, Andhra Pradesh has it all. Home also to a bipolar communal environment, Tourism of Andhra Pradesh has always been a flourishing industry and still has not lost any of the attention due to it. The Nellore District owes its nomenclature to its sumptuous paddy fields. Nelli in Tamil means paddy and therefore Nellore. Nellore was originally part of the composite Madras state until October 1, 1953. On November 1, 1956, when the states were reorganized on a linguistic basis, the district was transferred to Andhra Pradesh. Potti Sriramulu, a Telugu patriot and activist from Nellore fasted to death for formation of the Andhra Pradesh state. A tour to Nellore is tour down the history lane and means a close glance at the suburban life in Andhra Pradesh.


Nellore is quite a historically significant Telugu city. Nellore has been under the rule of the Pallavas, Cholas, Kakatitayas and Vijayanagara Empire in its history. The city was most famous in 13th century as the hometown of Tikkana Somayaji who translated the Mahabharat into Telugu. The city was then known as Vikrama SimhaPuri, and was the capital of King Manuma Siddhi. Tikkana, a minister in the court of Manuma Siddhi developed friendly relations with mighty Kakatiya kings with his poetry and was instrumental in getting military support from Warangal to protect his kingdom. Molla, the first Telugu poetess had also written the Telugu Ramayan here.

Best Time to Visit Nellore

A popular tourist destination in Andhra Pradesh state, Nellore can best be explored in the winter months of October to April. The temperatures do not generally fall below 20 degree Celsius and the weather is pleasant for sightseeing and exploring the prime attractions of Nellore. The days is quite pleasant and the night are a bit chilly at this time. It is best to avoid the months from April till June, the summer season when the temperatures rise up to 39 degree Celsius. This time is not recommended as the weather is dry and hot. July and September are the monsoon months when the town receives rainfall. If you do not have problems with rain, you can visit Nellore at this time.

How to Reach Nellore

By Air


Nellore does not have its own airport and Chennai International Airport is the nearest airport to Nellore. This airport is located at a distance of 170 km away. Chennai airport is very well-connected to the important cities of India and the world. The airport receives regular flights from major Indian destinations like Delhi, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Kochi, Indore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Jaipur. You can go on-board a train, hire a cab or get aboard a state-run bus from the airport towards Nellore.

By Train


Nellore town has its own railway station, Nellore Railway Station that lies on the Waltair - Chennai broad gauge line. This airport is very well-connected to important cities of India such as Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kanyakumari and Howrah. From the railway station, opt for local transportation to reach your destination.

By Road


Nellore has a good network of road that connects it to the important of the state and other areas. National Highway 5 passes through the town connecting to other destinations of the state. Regular state-buses as well as private buses are available from Hyderabad and Chennai, and other nearby destinations. Hiring a private cab is another option. The important cities near Nellore some Veguru (15 km), Batra Kagollu (32 km), Purini (37 km), Kavali (59 km), Kandukur (112 km), Chennai (178 km), Kadapa (179 km), Vijayawada (281 km), Puttaparthi (291 km) and Bangalore (383 km).

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