Lodurva Temple

Lodurva Temple Jaisalmer

Location: On outskirts of Jaisalmer, 16 km away

Importance: Important Jain temple ruins, Kalptaru and peacocks

Once the bustling capital of Rawal Jaisal, Lodurva today is an ancient township that is in now ruins. This place was initially the capital of the Bhattis Rajputs, even before the time the Jaisalmer Fort was erected in the 1156. This clearly points out that Lodurva is older than the Jaisalmer city. The town for many times ransacked by Mahmud of Ghazni during the 11th century and then later by Mohammad Ghori in the following century.

The Jain temples of Lodurva, just 16 km from Jaisalmer, are important Jain religious site. These temples are fine examples of delicate and detailed craftsmanship on yellow stone. The ruins of great Jain temple and Kalpataru, a legendary tree of wish fulfillment is largely visited by Jain followers.

Rishabhnath Temple

The first Jain temple at Lodurva is Rishabhnath Temple placed close to the ruins of the Moomal Palace of Moomal. River Kak used to flow here during the old time. This temple constructed in 1479 by Seth Sachcha. 

Shambhavanath Temple

Dedicated to the Jain Tirthankara Shambhavnath, the next important Jain temple at Lodurva is Shambhavanath Temple. A fortified wall and an octagon-shaped pyramidal roof that covers the temple complex.  

There are a number of temples in the complex that are dedicated to a different Jain Tirthankaras- while Rishabhnath in the southwest, Shambhavnath in the northwest, Parshvanath in the northeast and Ajitanath in the southeast and. All these temples belong to the year 1618.

Other highlight of Lodurva is the presence of a huge number of peacocks that hang around the surroundings of the temple, forming a lovely contrast to the stone-colored landscape. Amar Sagar is a grand artificial reservoir for water with a temple and a promenade on the bank that is a lovely place for a picnic.

Though these bright yellow colored temples are in ruins but the magnificence can clearly be seen. Beautiful pictures and Jalli work is stunning. The arches of these Lodurva Jain temples are very same to the Dilwar style of temple architecture.

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