Tourism in Gokul

Gokul is a small but pleasant getaway from Agra. It was a place where Lord Krishna was secretly raised. It is near Mathura. There are many religious places in Gokul.The most attractive and notable structure here is Chaurasi Khamba (84) pillars, also known as Nand Maharaja's house. All the religious places here are related to some legends.The Mud Temple- It is a place on the side of the hill mark where Lord Karshina is supposed to have killed the demons.Utkhal- it is a place where Yeshoda believed to have tied Lord Krishna to a grinding mortar as a punishment for breaking a pitcher and stealing butter.Brahmand Ghat- A place where she is supposed to have witnessed the entire universe in Krishna's mouth while chastising him for having eaten mud.

Best Time to Visit Gokul

In the similar manner as the rest of northern region of India, temperatures in Gokul might be extreme during the summer and winter months. During summers, the temperatures rise up to 48 degree Celsius and the humidity too sometimes is intolerable. However, in the night, the temperature remains somewhere around 28-30 degree C. The rainfall here is moderate. The winter months, October to March is the best time to visit Gokul when the weather is cold yet pleasant. The temperatures generally remain around 7-8 degrees and the time is best for sightseeing.

How to Reach Gokul

By Air


The nearest airport to Gokul is the Kheria Airport of Agra. It is around 39 km away from Gokul. Taxis are available from outside the airport to reach Gokul town.

By Train


The nearest railway station to the holy town of Gokul is the Mathura Junction Railway Station. It is located at a distance of 6.7 km from Gokul. Mathura’s railway station is connected to Delhi, Mumbai and other cities of India via regular trains.

By Road


Gokul town is well -connected by road to the other towns and cities Uttar Pradesh as well as India. State-run buses are available from Agra, Allahabad, Faizabad etc. Private cab is another option to reach here.

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