Anjuna Market

Anjuna Market

Goa's Anjuna beach is not only famous for its picturesque beauty but also for the markets in Anjuna beach. Also known as Anjuna Market, the markets of this beach are filled with Kashmiri stalls and coffee shops. On Wednesday, a flea market is held in Anjuna Beach. Amidst the picturesque beaches, the palm tree lined shores, the market sells different kinds of things from junk jewellery to colorful sarongs.

There is a typical Western Jewellery available in Anjuna Market. Created by the foreigners, Goa is the only place in India where this is available. The beaches light up with the colorful life of Goa.The Anjuna beach also has stores which are experts in making body tattoos. Made with colors, these Anjuna Market's tattoos last for about a few weeks. There are also haircutting shops and Ayurvedic shops, nose and body piercers to lure the tourists. You can bargain the price and then go for the wackiest of hairdos, funkiest of tattoos and coolest of junk jewellery.

The Flea Market of Anjuna beach makes it the most happening place in Goa. The swanky teenagers and tall unkempt hippies are generally found in Anjuna Market. The two most famous stores in Anjuna Market is the Oxford Stores and the Orchard stores. From tasty delicacies to choicest garments, everything is available here. So from the quoted t-shirts, to sarongs and chillums to cashew nuts, the flea markets of Anjuna Beach are the most favorite tourist destination for the junk buying traveler.Tourism of offers online information on Anjuna Beach and other tourist attractions of Goa. To know more about the tourist attractions of India , please, enter your queries in the form below.

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