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Welcome to the hill resort of Zanskar renowned for its high hills and gorgeous gompas. The lovely landscapes and the Buddhist culture of the Zanskar Valley are sure to leave a mark. Zanskar literally means the Copper Star. In fact the various rivers flowing into Zanskar carry copper sediments. The spectacular Himalayan landscape and the lifestyles of the inhabitants attract many tourists to the hidden kingdom of Zanskar.


The Zanskar valley is situated across the Suru Valley and over the Pensi La in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. Zanskar is situated 235 km away from Kargil.

Best Time to Visit Zanskar

Owing to the altitudes the Zanskar valley is accessible only during the summer months. The winter months are too harsh for travel in Zanskar. It is noteworthy that in the winter months the water of the River Zanskar freezes and becomes the Chador road.

How to Reach Zanskar

By Road


It is noteworthy that the road that links Zanskar with Kargil is open from mid July to early November. Buses. Jeeps, gypsies and taxis are easily available for transport to Zanskar from Kargil. Kargil is approximately 235 km away from Zanskar. During the months of June and July you may trek into Zanskar from Panikhar or Parkachik onwards.

Tourist Attractions in Zanskar

The hill resort of Zanskar is one of the isolated and scantly inhabited Himalayan Valleys. Zanskar is wrapped in snow-covered peaks and boats of two small alpine lakes. But there is nothing comparable to the wonderful view of the "Drang-Drung" glacier.

Panikhar is an important place in the Zanskar Valley that is the border of the Suru Valley. At Panikhar the fort of Zorawar Singh is a major tourist attraction

Then there is the Penzella Pass that divides the Zanskar valley with the Suru Valley. Besides being the excellent camping site the Penzella Pass is a vintage point offering excellent views of the majestic mountains and the captivating countryside.

Karsha is a human settlement with basic facilities. The Gelugpa monastery at Karsha is a must visit to know the importance of the religion in the lives of the inhabitants of Zanskar. The mural art displayed at Labrang is other must check out in Zanskar

On the isolated mountains there are several places associated with the Tibetan Buddhists that are worth exploring

The adventure seekers may try river rafting from Serchu to Nyimu via Padam. Trekking is possible to Panikhar or Rangdum over the Pentse La, into the Zanskar Valley from Lamayuru, Leh or Darcha, from Padum to the Markha valley et al. The climatic conditions need to be kept in mind choosing the trek.

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