Chetak Circle

Chetak Circle

Chetak Circle is a popular market in Udaipur. The hub of shopping in the City of Lakes, foreign and domestic visitor crowd the market. It is reputedly one of the places to buy beautiful remembrances of holidays in the appealing city.

The popular product found within the retailers of Chetak Circle are folks toys, enamel or Meenakari work, dhurries (rugs), tie-dye and block-printed materials, decorated baggage and wear, silver jewellery and paintings. Paintings, particularly miniature paintings are the foremost draw of the bazaars of Udaipur. These paintings are created on marble, wood and silk, ivory and silk and paper. These paintings sometimes have pictures of various Hindu mythology Gods and Goddesses. Pictures of Pichwais are dominant theme of the paintings.

Brass wares, salutation cards, valuable stones, traditional jewellery boxes that are superbly painted, hand stitched papers are the most soughtitems. Don’t miss this enriching expertise since it provides tourists the chance to urge an inspiration a few typical native bazaar of Rajasthan.

Bargaining is a vital a part of shopping here. A lot of the tourists understand the art of negotiating prices to get the best deal. The shopkeepers of this market quote inflated prices so be cautious of buying at said prices. Analyze the proper value of the product and things before making a deal. The colorful and spirited atmosphere of the bazaar makes it all the more wonderful toshop for in Chetak Circle.

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