Tazia Tower

Tazia Tower

Location: Badal Palace Complex

Attractions: Composite architecture and minarets.

Timings: From early morning till 5 PM

Fashioned in the form of Tazia, the sacred structure of a tomb carried out by Shiite Muslims during the Muharram procession, The Tazia Tower is an exquisite edifice, located in the Badal Palace Complex in the Amar Sagar Gate, which was once the residence of the royal family. The structure is a five-storied complex with each story possessing a unique balcony with an exclusive design of its own. It was constructed in the 20th century by Muslim carvers who presented it as a gift to the people and the ruler of Jaisalmer.  With its intricate and delicate design, the structure is no less than an architectural marvel. It still retains several paintings and artwork of a bygone era, showcasing a rich history of this amazing city of western Rajasthan.

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