Goecha La Trek

Goecha La Trek

Goecha La Trek in Sikkim is one of the most challenging adventures for trekkers. The level of difficulty, the breathtaking views of not just Kanchenjunga but 14 other summits, and the one-of-a-kind experience draw adventure enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Due to the difficulty of Goecha La Trek, the minimum age set is 13 years, and the maximum age depends on the physical fitness and health of an individual. The strenuous hiking trip demands fitness, guides, and protective gear.

Goecha La Trek is a dream come true for mountain lovers. It is full of adventure and thrill plus the scenic views make the experience a memory of a lifetime.

Here’s a guide about Goecha La Trek in Sikkim

Goecha La Trek Route

The Goecha La Trek starts from Yuksom. The journey proceeds to an altitude of 7200 feet, about 8 km to Siachen. It continues the next day to Tsokha at 9700 feet, about 7 km away. The trail has pleasant views of scaling peaks, rhododendron, and alpine berries.

The next day, the hiking trail continues to Dzongri via Phedang, a 9 km difficult, rocky, and steep ascent to 12980 feet. Again, camp and explore Dzongri at its best. The hiking trip continues to Thansing at 12,900 feet, a distance of 10 km through lush meadows. The next day you will go on a challenging 4 km trek from Thansing to Lamuney at 13,650 feet.

The following day holds a much more difficult trekking schedule to Goecha La at 16,000 feet. The trek involves steep climbs, but the destination's sight powers you with energy. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of famed Himalayan peaks. After your fill of mountain bliss, begin the trek back. The descent is a smooth sojourn via Rhododendron and alpine forests.

Highlights of Goecha La Trek

Best time for Goechala Trek

March to May and September to December are the months for Goecha La Trek. The weather conditions are freezing, but that adds to the thrill of the trek. Also, the sunrise and sunset can be best enjoyed during these months.

Weather and Temperature on the Goechala Trek

The weather during Goecha La Trek between September to December is freezing, with temperatures dropping to as low as -5°C to -10°C at Dzongri. As you come by Lamuney, it dips even to -12°C, followed by strong, cool winds. During the day, the weather is calm, and the temperature can vary from 5°C to 20°C, depending upon altitude.

Between March to May, the weather on Goecha La trek is still cool, with the minimum temperature reaching around 0°C at Dzongri and Lamuney. At Sunrise Point, you’ll feel the weather growing colder, especially in the morning. At night, the Goecha La temperature may dip to – 5°C.

Where will I be staying?

Guesthouses/homestay accommodation will be provided in Yuksom on a quad/triple sharing basis. Further, tented accommodation will be available during the trek on a sharing basis. Meals will be included with morning & evening tea/coffee, light snacks, sleeping bags, spelling mattresses, utensils, and sleeping tents.

Is Goechala Trek Safe?

Goecha La trek takes you to an altitude of 15,000 feet but the trek is safe, as far as the tracks are concerned. The trail is wide and does not require a skill for navigation. However, you may feel tedious as the trek is challenging due to weather conditions and altitude. Plus, Acute Mountain Sickness can kick in. Make sure to acclimatize before commencing on the Goecha La Trek Sikkim.

How difficult is the Goechala trek?

The weather, altitude, lack of communication devices, and injuries make the Goecha La trek difficult. If you are a beginner planning to go on this trek, it is not suggested. There is a high risk of Acute Mountain Sickness, plus physical and mental fitness plays a major role. Also, sleeping in tented accommodation in extremely low temperatures (-10°C to -12°C) is something only daredevils can do.

How To Reach Goechala?

The base camp of Goecha La Trek is in Yuksom, Sikkim. To reach Sikkim, take a flight from Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, or any other major Indian city to Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri. We will provide you with a comfortable transfer to Yuksom (152 km/7-8 hours).

The route is split into two parts at Jorethang. First, from Siliguri to Jorethang, then further to Yuksom.

Safety & Important Tips

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