Tourism In Sarahan

Soaked in nature's beauty, Sarahan is flanked on the banks of the meandering Sutlej River. The way to Sarahan through Fagu, Theog, Narkanda, Rampur, and Jeori is extremely scenic-traversing through mountains flanked by steep cliffs on one side and deep ravines on the other, dense emerald pine forests, terraced farms, apple orchards. Once in Sarahan, one beholds a range of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and one of them is the Shrikhand Peak. The rather peculiar thing about this peak is that it is only one whose tip remains uncovered with snow. In the evening, sunrays adorn the peaks and the sight is simply stupendous.

In the heart of Sarahan is the temple of Goddess Bhima Kaali, the architecture of which is very akin to a monastery. Lots of almonds, plums, and peach orchards laden with luscious fruits transport one to Eden.

Tour to Sarahan About 54 km from Sarahan lies in the Sangla valley. The road to Sangla is narrow, rough, and hazardous, taking one through Wangtu and Karchham. The Sutlej River that meanders below now emerges in all its frenzied ferocity. The sheer force with which it gushes down makes it awesome. The road to Sangla is crudely carved out of rocks and runs parallel to the river that is deep down in the forge. At some places, there is barely enough space for the bus to wriggle through the rough road and the rock above.


The entire Sangla valley is surrounded by mammoth snowcapped mountains. Pine trees standing tall and elegant bedeck these mountains and the Baspa River flows through the valley. Tiny rivulets trickling down from the melted snow merge with the Baspa-an overabundance of nature's bounty.

Best Time to Visit Sarahan

The ideal season to visit Sarahan and its adjoining areas is between April and June. After this the monsoons begin. September to November are good months to go and one can get a glimpse of snow in Kufri and Narkanda.

How to Reach Sarahan

By Air


The nearest airport to reach Sarahan is in Shimla, Jabarhatti Airport. Around 182 kilometers away, it is the closest domestic airport. The international air terminal is in New Delhi, Indira Gandhi International Airport (564 km). From the airport state owned buses and private cabs take to the hilly retreat.

By Train


This Himachali hill station does not have a railway station. The closest railhead is Shimla 175 kilometers away. It is a narrow gauge route with only the toy train accessible. It is a scenic way but not time saving. For better connectivity Chandigarh railway station offers good options from all over India. The well connected railway station is 246 kilometers away. Get vehicles and buses to make way from the station to the scenic hill station.

By Road


State owned buses and private vehicles connect the hill retreat to vital places. Sarahan bus station receives daily frequent connections. Shimla is 176 kilometers away and Delhi is at distance of 564 kilometers. Air conditioned and non-ac cabs can be availed from the important cities, railway station and the airport.

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