Salim Singh ki Haveli

Salim Singh ki Haveli

Location: near Railway Station, Jaisalmer

Highlight: Rajputana architecture, chiefly balconies

Timings: 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM (every day)

Entry Fee:

  • INR 20 (Indian)
  • INR 100 (Foreigner)

Camera Fee:

  • INR 50 (Still)
  • INR 100 (Video)

Salim Singh ki Haveli was built by erstwhile Prime Minister of Jaisalmer, Salim Singh Mehta. The 17th century haveli was erected on the remains of an older haveli. Having completed 300 years of existence, the marvelous palace has served as the family home of Mehtas of Jaisalmer since 1815.

Built of red sandstone, the haveli adds to the charm of the city of Jaisalmer nestled on the brink of the eternal desert. The architecture of Salim Singh Ji Ki Haveli was inspired from the dancing pose of a peacock. The main cupola roof is a vibrant blue shade. The main stem of the building is arched like a giant ship. Numerous rooms, corridors and frescoes are built in the haveli. The appeal of the building clearly are the 38 balconies.

The entrance is guarded by tuskers. The elaborate elephants are a typical style and symbol of heritage of Rajasthan. The haveli houses many beautiful stone carvings, a fine specimen of craftsmanship. The splendid murals and latticed murals narrate stories of their own. Check out the bracketed walls and the chiseled window screen decorated with intricate designs.

Though there are no historical accounts, a popular tale is associated with the haveli. It is that Salim Singh Ji had made the building the height of the royal home. The magnificence of the haveli earned the envy of the King. Two floors were demolished as per the order of the king. Currently, five stories of the haveli are still standing.

Salim Singh Ji ki Haveli is a beautiful site to be visited in Jaisalmer. The magnificence of craftsmanship of the expert artisans and the piece of history of the Rajasthan remains well preserved here.

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