Isar Lat or Swargasuli

Isar Lat or Swargasuli

Isar Lat or the heaven piercing monument was built by Sawai Ishwari Singh in the year 1749. Ishwari Singh achieved victory over the combined armies of Mewar and the Marathas. He was engaged in a war with them because they were supporting the claims of Madho Singh, his rival to the throne of Jaipur.

This was no mean achievement for him and so he decided to memorialize this triumph by building the Isar Lat or Swargasuli. It is indeed sad that later he chose to kill himself instead of fighting the large Maratha army and unfortunately became the only Rajput king to be expelled from his community.

The Qutub Minar and the Kirti Stambha of Chittorgarh served as inspiring examples for Ishwari Singh when he wanted to construct the Isar Lat.Isar Lat is located at the meeting point of Tripolia Bazaar and Gangori Bazaar near the Chhoti Chaupar Chowk and Tripolia Gate.

The minaret is seven storied and once you reach the top of this tower you will get a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse of the whole city.

Never loose this chance of seeing the city of Jaipur through the interlaced windows of Isar Lat once you have entered it from the rear side. A flight of steps will enable you to reach the top from the lowest steps.

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