Raghunath temple

Raghunath temple in Pushkar

The holy city of Pushkar has in its credit a fair amount of temples, some of which are counted amongst the prominent temples of India. One of them is the Raghunath temple, which is built as per the South Indian style of architecture and is a popular tourist attraction in the town.

Sometimes being referred as the Old Rang Ji temple, the sacred site of Raghunath has two versions of itself. The older one, which is known to be believed in the year 1823, is dedicated to Lord of Preservation (Vishnu). Lord Rama, which is one of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, resides as a presiding deity in the Raghunath temple. Besides the statue of Lord Rama, the temple also houses images of other incarnations of Vishnu. This includes the likes of Venugopal and Lakshmi.

The other version of Raghunath temple in Pushkar boasts of idols of Lakshmi and Vaikunthanath as their presiding deities.

Unique fact about these two temples is that only Indian pilgrims can make a visit to these shrines.

How to reach Raghunath temple

The highly sacred Raghunath temple has its address, 11 km away from the center of Pushkar town. Sufficient means of transport to the temple stay readily available.

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