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Language Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri, English
Best time to visit April-November

Pahalgam is famous for its scenic beauty and is the jewel of the picturesque Liddar valley in the high Himalayas. It provides an ideal setting for hiking, trekking, and fishing. It is also the starting point of the annual pilgrimage to the holy cave of Amarnath.

Brief History

The origin of Pahalgam is obscure. Mughal rulers ruled this region in the medieval period. It was later a part of the Kingdom of Kashmir, which local Hindu rulers ruled. This princely state remained independent even during the British period and later merged into independent India.

Here’s a detailed Pahalgam Travel Guide to help plan your trip efficiently.

Where is Pahalgam located?

Pahalgam is located in the western part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in the northern region of India. Situated at an altitude of 2130 m above sea level amidst the great Himalayan range, Pahalgam is positioned beside the Liddar River in the Liddar valley.

How is the weather in Pahalgam?

The weather in Pahalgam is alpine. Summers (April-June) are mild, while winters (November-February) are cold. It experiences rain between July and September. It experiences heavy snowfall from December to February.

What is the best time to visit Pahalgam?

The best time to visit Pahalgam is during the summers, between mid-April and mid-November. It can also be visited in July-August during the annual pilgrimage to the holy cave of Amarnath.

What is the average trip cost for Pahalgam?

INR 28,000 - INR 30,000. This price is subject to change according to the meals, transfers, accommodation, and sightseeing options you choose. If you wish to visit Pahalgam, check out our tour packages here.

How to reach Pahalgam?

Pahalgam does not have an airport or railway station. The nearest airport is at Srinagar, which is 95 km from Pahalgam. It is well connected by road with Srinagar. The travel time between the two is 2.5 hours. Travelers can either use a bus or taxi from Pahalgam to reach Srinagar. Tourists can hire guided ponies and horses to explore Pahalgam and its surrounding areas.

Tourist Attractions in Pahalgam

Here are top 5 places to visit in Pahalgam -


At 15 km from Pahalgam lies Chandanwari, the starting point of Amarnath yatra. You can enjoy snow sledding on a snow bridge here or have a picnic amidst nature.

Betaab Valley

Among the most important places in Pahalgam tourism, Betaab Valley is encircled by tall deodar trees and pine forests. The Lidder River flows through the valley. The Bollywood movie Betaab was shot here, featuring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh, hence the name.

Aru Valley

Nestled 11 km from Pahalgam, visit Aru Valley on your Pahalgam trip. It is the base camp for trekking to the Kolahoi Glacier and the Tarsar-Marsar Lake. Horse riding, trekking, and hiking are famous activities here.

Kolahoi Glacier

This glacier is located over the Lidder River. Basically, it is a hanging glacier whose first view takes a visitor's breath away. You can reach here only by trek or hire ponies or horses to some parts.

Sheshnag Lake

Sheshnag Lake is the epitome of natural beauty and serenity. Snuggled by snow-clad mountains and tall alpine meadows, this lake is a paradise for peace seekers.

Fairs & Festivals in Pahalgam

Pahalgam is the starting point of the annual Amarnath yatra (holy journey) to the holy cave shrine of Amarnath, which is said to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Every year in July/August, thousands of pilgrims descend on Pahalgam on their way to the holy cave.

Tips for Visiting Pahalgam

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