Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Mandore Garden Jodhpur

Location - 9 km from the main city

Attraction - High Rock Terrace and Royal Cenotaphs


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Best Time to Visit

  • October to March

Located 9 km northwards of the city, Mandore garden lies in Mandore, the former capital of Maharajas of Marwar. A part of the mighty Mehrangarh fort, Mandore garden is a popular tourist attraction of Jodhpur city.

The garden is adorned with beautiful looking Cenotaphs or dewals of the former rulers of the region. These cenotaphs are different from the regular typical Rajasthan’s umbrella-shaped structures as they have been erected by taking a cue from the architecture of a Hindu temple.  Made in red sandstone, these structures are four-story high, have stylish spire and finely defined columns. The most stunning dewal is that of Maharaja Ajit Singh. The colors of red sandstone structure on a hill outcrop and lush garden looks soothing to the eyes.

Close to the cenotaphs in Mandore Gardens is the very popular Hall of Heroes, which is dedicated to the several deities as well as folk fighters of Rajputs. The hall contains statues that are carved from rocks and have been painted in bright shades. This is basically a huge rock wall that has high relief, colorful paintings that are a depiction of the heroes of the locality like Chamunda and Pabuji.

Another attraction inside the garden is the shrine of ‘Three Hundred Million Gods’ that contains images of various Hindu Gods in glowing colors. On climbing the hill, adore the sight of the ruined historic Mandore city and its palace. This beautiful garden is a proof of the opulence of the beautiful town of Mandore.

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