Luxury Trains in India

India’s heritage is a precious asset for the country, preserved well by its people and government. Glimpses of an inspiring heritage and history are what give luxury trains in India an international stature. Years of dedication and planning lead to the invention of a luxury train.  India is home to one of the largest railway tracks and links in the world. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation took a step forth to let luxury travelers too enjoy the pleasure of Indian railways without having to compromise with their comfort. Thematic coaches, world-class amenities, gracious services and scheduled itinerary make it an easy affair for the travelers. The trains, along with accommodation, are equipped with in-house gymnasium, bar, lounge, spa, restaurant, conference hall, boutiques and other such facilities.

Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels lets you explore the best of  Rajasthan (the Indian state with an effervescent culture and grand remnants of maharajas). Not just forts and palaces, it takes you to wild safaris, camel safaris and even to the Seventh Wonder of the World, Taj Mahal. Check out here our customized tour package.

Maharaja Express

This luxury train is functional since 2010 and has won World Travel Award consecutively for three year (2012, 2013 and 2014).  There are five itineraries crafted for different kinds of travelers. It is the most expensive luxury train of India. In 2011, Society of International Railway Travelers listed Maharajas Express as one of the Top Twenty Five Trains; owing to its accommodation, services and excursion programs. Check out here our customized tour package

The Golden Chariot

There surely isn’t a better way to explore South India than through the Golden Chariot. The décor is inspired by the erstwhile rulers of Southern India and even its coaches are named after them- such as Vijayanagar, Rashtrakutam Ganga, Chalukya, Bahamani, Kadamba and others. The luxury train is named after the impressive stone chariot of Vitthala Temple of Hampi.

Needless to say, the train is equipped with world-class luxuries and facilities, and this is the only train in India that has its own wi-fi connectivity.

The Deccan Odyssey

This luxury train has five itineraries, each of which is 8-day long. On-board conference hall, dining, spa let the travelers feel at home.

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