Khuri Sand Dunes

Khuri Sand Dunes , Jaisalmer

Location: 40 km from Jaisalmer

Attraction: Beauty of Desert, traditional village of Rajasthan

Khuri Sand Dunes located 40 km southwest of Jaisalmer is a location blessed with pristine desert beauty. It is the ideal place to enjoy the serene desert experience.Khuri is the lesser known yet more beautiful sand dunes compared to the popular Sam Dunes.

The Khuri Dunes appeals tourists with its vast sea of sand. Devoid of crowds as few people know the secret, here is the ideal opportunity to enjoy solitude. Development of tourist facilities are slow as the region still remains unexplored. Only a wonderful little village of mud and straw huts exist here. The village folks survive in the desert in traditional ways.

The Khuri Sand dunes offer you a memorable experience in the land of the Rajputs. Camp at the dunes. Enjoy ride on camel back as the ‘ship of the desert’ is the way to travel here. Experience the local way of living roaming around the thatched straw roofs, camels, narrow streets and the local bazaar thriving at the brink of the sea of sand. Spend evenings around campfire and listen to the songs of 'Kalbeliyas'. Relish authentic Rajasthani cuisines. Sunsets are magical as the sun sets behind the sand hills coloring everything in their crimson shades. It is a break from the chaotic cities in the midst of the timeless desert.

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