The Ayurveda Healing Village

The Ayurveda Healing Village, Kerala

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Handling down real Ayurveda knowledge through generations by furnishing high quality Ayurveda treatments with the help of highly trained, professional doctors, Kairali- the Ayurveda is a haven for health and wellness for mind, body and soul. The resort, located in Palakkad is one of the best places to enjoy the nature as well as rejuvenate the spirits in a holistic way. Spread in a vast territory (a village in itself), it is one of the frontrunner Ayurveda retreats and one of the best natural healing resorts in the world. The center promotes natural lifestyle and offers various treatments through a number of packages intended to give outstanding care and benefits to the people. The group manufactures their own medicines strictly according the rules laid down by classical Indian texts.



Being a world-class resort, the center has high standards of accommodation. There are different villas, with a number of rooms that are constructed according to the rules of Vastu-Shastra, to channelize positive energy. The residences are fitted with all the modern amenities to provide for a comfortable and stress-free stay. All the accommodations are situated in the backdrop of peace and tranquility of the nature to let the visitors enjoy true bliss. The best suite of the resort-The Maharaja Suite, also being the largest also offers the facility of a refrigerator, a coffee maker and a hair dryer for the guests.


The center provides for some really delicious and lip-smacking cuisines which not only lifts the mood but are also full of health benefits and are catered according to the needs of the visitors. The village has two restaurants which furnishes distinct varieties of food that are specially prepared in a healthy environment with natural ingredients.

White Lily

The restaurant provides a range of delectable vegetarian cuisines from spicy North Indian to hot and savory South Indian varieties. Continental food is one of the favorites at the restaurant. The food is prepared by the expert chefs and is especially suited to the individual requirements of the visitors as prescribed by the doctors and dieticians.


Prepared with natural ingredients with an appetizing aroma, the food at Ottupura ranges from local Kerala dishes to continental delight. Guests can savor the healthy food which is tailored according their needs and enjoy the benefits along with rejuvenating their minds and souls.


Honored with many awards and accreditations, the various Ayurveda packages and treatments are the mainstay at the Kairali Ayurveda village. Today Ayurveda is one of the foremost branches of medicine that is even recognized by the west for its holistic approach to mind and body. A number of diseases are treatable and treated at the center in addition to everyday modern afflictions like stress, anxiety, respiratory and skin problems. A team of well-trained and committed doctors provide Ayurveda prescription and instruction for a number of diseases like Arthritis including Rheumatic and Osteoarthritis, Bronchitis, Skin Diseases, Infertility, Nervous debility, Facial paralysis, Slip Disk, Obesity and other. Panchkarma, the famous Ayurveda detoxification process is one of the highlights at the center. The various curative and purgatory treatments in Panchkarma offers natural remedy for ailments like scatia, arthiritis, diabetes, hypertension, kidney stones, sinusitis, jaundice, hemorrhoids, constipation, migraine etc. Along with this, various dietary measures according to the rules of Ayurveda are also correspondingly followed for a comprehensive benefit for the visitors and patients. Yoga and meditation are also included in the package for a relief from problems like hypertension, depression etc. as well as provide for the care of mind and soul.



Local Information


1. Air

(a)Approx. 73 km from Coimbatore International Airport via NH 47

(b)Approx. 113 km from Cochin International Airport via NH 47

2. Rail: Approx. 17 km drive from Palakkad Railway Station via NH 213

Cities Nearby

Thiruvananthapuram(350 km), Coimbatore(54 km), Thrissur(66 km)


Palakkad is one cultural spot in Kerala and is quickly becoming one of the favorite tourist destinations for visitors in India. In addition to scenic natural beauty, the place has a number of cultural and historical attractions like Thiruvalathoor and Kalapathy Shiva Temple etc. A number of festivals too are organized at Kerala like the Onam, Konganpada of Chittur, Tiruchar Pooram etc. 

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