Ka Khoh Ramhah Cherrapunji

Ka Khoh Ramhah Cherrapunji

Also known as Mothorp and Pillar Rock, Khoh Ramhah is one of the main tourist attractions of Cherrapunjee. The major highlight here is the impressive shape of the rock that is in the form of a huge cone. The rock is bounded by 2 smaller rocks in the same shape. The place is also popular as a picnic spot. An ideal time to visit the place is monsoon when the scenic beauty of the place gets enhanced.

According to legends this rock is a fossilized cone-shaped basket that belonged to an evil spirit. Nevertheless, the beauty of the surrounding areas of Khoh Ramhah is boosted by the water stream that is flowing through the rocks that becomes a waterfall when you spot it from behind. When the day is not cloudy, visitors can even enjoy the views of the plans of Bangladesh. When the clouds rise from the plains and fly past the rock, the sights looks enchanting. Beside the rock is a viewpoint from where one can admire the lovely views. From the back of this giant rock, you can have a view of the winding roads of Cherrapunjee too.

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