Type: Cultural

Dates: 01 - 10 Dec

Location: Nagaland

Hornbill Festival 2024

Festival Details

India is a land of colorful, loud and exciting festivals. Tribes have been a very important part of our history, culture and population. Tribal festivals are some glorious festivities of our nation. Of the numerous tribal festivals in India, one which has made its mark on an international scale is the Nagaland’s’ Hornbill Festival. Nagaland comprises of 16 unique tribes. Hornbill Festival was started as an effort by Nagaland State Tourism and Art & Culture Departmentsto being together the diverse tribes. The effort has now resulted in a global scenario where traditional music &dance, arts and activities are thriving. Also a Rock Music Festival is organized which brings crowds from all over the world.

Time of the year

Hornbill Festival is celebrated every year on the first week of December. From 1st to 10th December, Nagaland is seen celebrating tribal culture, spectacular diversity, and glorious past and promising future.


Hornbill Festival is a “Festival of Festivals”. All tribes come together and display their cultures, dances, music and create an extravaganza of festivities. The festival is named after the forest dwelling Indian hornbill. The beautiful bird is mentioned in the folklore of almost all tribes of the state.As the common theme, the festival is named so. This Festival provides the amazing opportunity to experience Nagaland’sdiversity of food, handicrafts, traditional songs, dances and customs.

The Hornbill Festival Celebrations comprise of the Traditional Naga Morungs Exhibition and sale of Arts and Crafts, Traditionalsongs and dances, Local Games, Traditional Archery, Naga wrestling, Flower shows and sales, Beauty Contest, Fashion shows, Herbal Medicine Stalls, Food Stalls, display of paintings, sculptures and wood carvings and a Musical concert. Contemporary artists get a platform to display their creations.

The Hornbill National Rock Concert after sundown brings in the global festive flavor. Rock Bands from all across the country as well as international boundaries come to compete in the concert. Crowds can be seen from all over the globe.


Festivals in India were always associated with agriculture. Nagaland and its tribes celebrated the same. The Nagaland State Tourism and Art & Culture Departments brought together all tribes ad celebrations to create a spectacular extravaganza of art, culture, music, dance and festivities.

Started in 2000, the festival displayed the glorious heritage of Nagaland. 2007 witnessed the origin of the Rock Music Festival giving it an international platform. Today the festival has made an international name. Not only Nagaland, the glories of all North Eastern states of India can be witnessed under one roof. The festivities are numerous. From arts, rituals, food, activities, music, dancing and shopping, relish the wealth of traditions so proudly preserved.

Where to Go

The Hornbill Festival is held at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama in Nagaland. About 12 kms from Kohima, witness international crowds making way to celebrate the Festival of Festivals. Celebrate with 16 tribes of Nagaland and other states of North East India.

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