Double Decker Living Root Bridge Cherrapunji

Double Decker Living Root Bridge Cherrapunji

Located in the thick tropical forest of Meghalaya, cloaked with rain during most parts of the year, are the fantastic man-made cum natural wonders of the living root bridges. Created by the people of the Khasi tribe, these roots grow from the ancient rubber trees seen only in the northeast region. The Khasis train these roots to grow in such a manner as to be in the form of bridges on the top of a river. 

These bridges are an amazing alternative to wooden bridges that dwindle with so much rain falling on them. The most popular tourist attraction of Cherrapunjee, these double-decker living root bridges are 2 bridges that are stacked one on the other, made because of the entanglement of roots.

A new root bridge takes about 15 years to get strong enough so that it can bear the weight of people who would be crossing it. Over a span of the next few years, the roots become even stronger. It is believed that some of the root bridges are over five hundred years old. The most popular one is the Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge. Not built but grown, these living root bridges are astonishing and unique.

Following are some of the popular root bridges of Cherrapunjee

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FAQs about Double-decker Root Bridge

Q: How to reach Cherrapunji to the double-decker root bridge?

Ans: The double-decker root bridge trek distance is around 45 km from Cherrapunji. Also, the hike to the bridge involves 3500-3600 steps each way.

Q: What are some things to remember before visiting the double-decker root bridge?

Ans: There are many steps; if your bag is heavy, it will make your trek more difficult. You'll find shops for snacks and water, so do not worry. Finally, wear a good pair of trekking shoes and keep hydrated.

Q: What is the best time to visit the Double-Decker Root Bridge?

Ans: Besides the monsoon season, which is from May to September, you can visit Double-Decker Root Bridge. The weather remains pleasant, cool, and breezy.

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