City Breaks in India

While the hamlets are rather slow-moving, cities in India are tracing a pace that’s hasty. With already a lot happening, these cities have a culture of their own, a culture that is a blend of antiquity and contemporary. Not all cities are the same, each one of them has its own color. Taking city breaks in India is an affair of everything, from nature to technology, from silence to shrill.

In cities such as Delhi, the Mughal and British charisma still breaths while the infrastructure is seeing a rapid growth. Mumbai’s beaches please the senses while the buzzing shopping scenario gets your mind boggled. Talking of Bangalore, the IT Hub of India, there are parks and lakes to give you the much needed break. Jaipur on the other hand, is a city which is defined by its rich history and vibrant ethnicity. With every hundred kilometers comes a new tale, a new culture and a new story meant to be unfolded.

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