Camping in Jaisalmer

Camping in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Uttering the vibrancy of the desert just like the Arabian night fable, Jaisalmer is a popular city in the westernmost frontier of Rajasthan and India. Jaisalmer is situated in the heart of the Thar Desert, making the boundaries of it surrounded by sand dunes. The color of the desert combined with the yellow colored (yellow sandstone) structures of the city has crowned the city with the title of the ‘Golden city’.

Founded by a Rajput king, Jaisalmer is known for its artistic structures and monuments that are of historical and cultural importance. The city still breathes in the traditional culture of Rajasthan, the best of which can be seen in every of its tourist attraction. Jaisalmer’s beauty lies in its desolated surroundings also. The golden Sam Sand dunes, a few kilometers away from the city are the major natural tourist attractions. This inturn, made the surroundings a perfect desert camping spot in India.

Waking up with the silhouette effect of the morning sun getting created on the sand dunes, right infront of your campsite certainly feels a lot wonderful.

The trend of desert camping in Jaislamer has been flourishing at a great speed. Earlier, camping in India was often restricted to the mountains and high altitudes. Out here in the desert of Jaisalmer, it is famous with the name of ‘Glamping’; glamorous camping. It is the proximity of the city with Sam Sand Dunes that has transformed the region into a camper’s paradise. There lies many options for the tourists to book their days in the desert.

Ranging from ultra-luxurious camps to basic eco farms, the site has variety for every kind of a traveler. It is due to the Rajasthani appeal and the availability of luxurious camps, camping in Jaisalmer has emerged as a booming concept.

How to Reach

Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan has its address in the sandy areas of the Great Indian Thar desert. The north side of the city leads to Bikaner, on the south, it has Barmer and Jodhpur, while on its east, lie Jodhpur and Bikaner. From Jaisalmer, one has to travel via jeep to reach the desert camp sites. The best desert camp site, Golden Sam Sand dunes are approximately 42 km away from the city of Jaislamer.

By Air: Traveling to Jaisalmer via air is not a very good option. Airport in Jaisalmer is actually a military airport and supports only chartered flights. Thus, it is rarely used by tourists to travel. Instead, you can make use of Jodhpur airport to travel. Jodhpur airport regulates daily flights from the major cities of India that include Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. From the airport, private taxis are readily available for Jaisalmer.

By Train: In order to travel to Jaisalmer, people can make use of train service. Jaisalmer railway station has a wide network of train service that connect to various important cities of Rajasthan and India. Popular trains which you can board re Jodhpur Jaisalmer Express, Howrah Jaisalmer Express and Lalgarh Jaisalmer Special.

By Road: As Jaisalmer is landlocked from all the sides, traveling by road is also a feasible option, if you happen to be traveling from within the state. Rajasthan State transport have connected all the major cities of Rajasthan with regular bus service. Besides, traveling in private deluxe buses is also an option to make it to Jaisalmer.

Best time for camping in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Owing to the proximity with the Great Indian Thar desert, Jaisalmer has a dry and arid topography. The situation turns very bad in summers as temperatures go as high as 49°c during that time. Monsoons bring some relief from the hot spell. However, the region receives scanty rainfall. Post monsoon, air take a different turn and bring pleasant times in Jaisalmer. Therefore, the best time to visit this part of India is only during winters (October-March). Winters are perfect both for city sightseeing as well as camping in the deserts of Jaisalmer.

Where to Go

Golden Sam Sand Dunes

Camping activities at Jaisalmer

Camping in Jaisalmer offers an excellent opportunity to live in the desert, just like the nomads of Rajasthan. The camp site is usually designed in traditional campsite decors. Rajasthani cultural performances in the evening usually become the routine schedule at these locations. However, the essence of camping in Jaisalmer lies in the desert safaris which let you explore the landscape’s beauty of the Thar, on a camel’s back. Guests also get to visit the nearby villages; a sneak peek into their folklores. Some camps also offer wildlife trips to the Desert National Sanctuary in Jaisalmer.

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